In desperate need of C-Groove and N-Groove combos

I need combos for C- and N-Grooves, to make my experience with this great character even better. Feel free to submit combos for any other grooves as well, I just use C- and N-Grooves the most.

I don’t think doing the exact opposite of what you asked is wrong, so here we go:

A-ryo combo. roundhouse dashing kick special xx air fireball over and over.

You must be joking

Crossup, c.lp, xx qcf,hcb+mp (L2 Ranbu) into whatever. HP Zan Retsu Ken if you don’t have meter, (timing for this is kinda tricky, at the highest point of the last uppercut of the Ranbu, input the command) L1 Ranbu if you do.

B&B is anything into Kick Dance (WHY is it called Kick Dance?) or hcb+P. Mixup options afterwards.

im starting to like ryo altho hes so stiff and unmobile and cant jump for shit and has no a groove combo or for the best impossible to do a groove combo. they should have made tha up by making him lose less life then others but that would be unfair. but i like his anti air.

Ryo’s got an easy as hell high damaging A-Groove combo. Hit count is based entirely off those quick hands of his. You can reach damage ranges from 8000-10000 with this character in some instances.
His setups for landing that damage though kinda suck IMO. Best bet is with the anti-air version perhaps.

actually i found out a good agrove combo with him ( mk hk c.hp roll c.hp c.hp roll c.hp million punching thing then qcf hfb )

Here’s a non-meter combo on P-Groove Ryu I’ve come up with:

  1. j.Fierce, c.Forward, Fierce HCB, super jump-cancel, j.Fierce.
    4275 damage points

This combo can be done on mid-stage but then you have to jump-in towards the opponent otherwise the Fierce HCB won’t connect.
The last hit can be substituted for an aerial fireball but does less damage (4000 damage points). However, it knocks the opponent down, which is quite useful.

  1. cross-up j.Forward, c.Short, Fierce Dragon Punch.
    2900 damage points

Ryo’s cross-up is really stupid…

Here’s one with meter (N-Groove Ryo):

  1. j.Fierce, c.Short, c.Short, level 3 QCF+HCB punch.
    7800 damage points

The only problem is his c.Short link into itself. It takes a little practice for it to combo properly. You can also do this as a cross-up.

  1. j.Fierce, s.Jab, s.Strong, level 3 QCF+HCB punch.
    8280 damage points

I’m sure I’ve once done a c.Short, s.Strong and it was definately not a counter hit. If you can do it, then stick to the c.Short. The cross-up version with Ryo’s j.Forward is possible, too.