In Desperate Need Of Help!

Hello SRK I’m Pretty New Here (Have Been Browsing For A While But Decided To Start Posting Today) Ayway,I’ve Been Practicing With Alot Of Characters Every Day Mainly,Guile,Ken,Abel,Rufus,Makoto,And Dudley But I Was Thinking To Myself I Wanna Go To EVO In About 2 Years Or So Since I Have Enough Time To Practice A Few Hours A Day,Have The Dedication To Try And Learn A Combo For Hours At A Time,Am Not Easily Intimadated,And Am A Die Gard Fighting Game Fan.

But Then The First Problem Arose,I Don’t Have An Arcade Stick!I Know Arcade Sticks Aren’t Required But In Order To Be A Pro I’m Gonna Need One.So The Question Is Should I Get An Arcade Stick Or Fightpad,And If So Which One Do You Recomend?

Then My Second Came Into My Mind,How Long Is It Going To Take To Learn Charcters,Frame Counting,Hitboxes Etc. If There Are Any Tips You Can Give Me To Make Learning These Things Easier Or Faster Please Do So.

Then My Third And Biggest Problem Came Up,I Don’t Know Who To Use As My Main/Secondary. I Know You Probably Can’t Help Me Much With This But I Don’t Know What Kind Of Playstyle I Have, I Kinda Adapt To Who I’m Playing With But If I Had To Say Whats Most Similar To My Playstyle It Would Be Aggressive.When The Game First Came Out I Mained Deejay,And My Secondaries Were T.hawk And Fei Long. I Thought I Was The There Was With Them Until I Went Online Were I Got My Ass Handed To Me While Using Deejay And T.hawk. I Then Thought If I Sucked With Those 2 Characters I’ll Use Ken The Person I Mained From Sf2 WW Until Street Fighter Alpha 3,I Fared Better With Him Losing But Winning A Fair Share Of Matches But Soon The Same Thing Happened To Me As Earlier. So I Then Decided To Use Fei Long And Went On An Impressive To Me 5 Win Streak I Instantly Knew He Was Gonna Be My Main But Again I Was Wrong.I Then Decided To Come To SRK To Look At Tier Lists Thinking If I Cant Beat Them I’ll Join 'em I Then Started Practicing With Guile,Rufus,Abel,Sagat,Ryu,Ad All The Other Top Tier Fighters I Decided I’ll Go With Guile Since I Liked Him The Best But I’m Still Just Not Feeling Him,I Can’t Get Into His Groove.I Then Gave Up And Decided To Just Post This Ass Post To See If Somebody Could Help Me Pick Somebody.

So If SomeBody Could Help Me With These Problems It Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

  1. Get a Madcatz TE

  2. Learning things about characters just depends on you and how quickly you can do it

  3. If you’re looking for a main, check out the thread that Kelter Skelter made

  4. You used a capital for every word in your post. It seriously bothered me and I skimmed it because of that.

sorry its a habit but anyways thanks for the help much appreciated.

  1. Choose what you are more comofrtable with. If anything…Evo 2010 SSF4 finals showed that even pad players can hold their own.
    2 of the top 8 used pad. Yes…2 of them. If you do want to get an arcade stick…get TE. Although SE is still good enough for those on a budget.

  2. You really have put in the time and effort to get good…and it will take a while. Weeks, maybe even months. You can’t expect to get good quickly when most are already ahead of you. You have to learn the fundementals for all characters, and more of your main.
    Fuck trying to take shortcuts in fighters…you’ll only end up being a scrub for free.

  3. The choice in the end for a main should be up to you. Do research on characters that interest you…there are plentiful information on SRK for you to use.
    Experiment. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with…then go from there.

Get a mad katz…

Play RYU, Watch Umehara. Do what he does and add your own flair.

You wont regret it.:karate:

my god how does that habit develop? holding shift for first letter of every single god damn word? the fuck?

Try It Out, It’s Actually Pretty Easy! Basically You’re Just Plinking The Shift Key. Looks Real Ugly Though.

Do i sense sarcasm?

caps lock? lol @ deadfrog
and to OP I used to do the samething un til someone thought I was yelling at them. Its going to take a long time to learn all the things about Super. You know what really would help also finding people local to play with that are good or better than you because online is probably going to slow your progress . Also play people on the forums that know how to play your character well that helped me a lot. Also you need to find people that know how to play well against your character too.

This Is A Habit? A Habit Formed By Doing What?

Read the stickies at the top of this forum. Most of your questions have already been answered in depth.

sorry guys for having an annoying habit,asking questions that have already been answered because i just saw a newbie arcade stick thread,and for asking so many questions.and the reason i develpoed that habit is because i hate the way words look without being capitilized i’m even getting annoyed by writing this post

  1. A lot of people ask this, and there is no need to get an arcade stick to be pro. There are plenty of great players who use pad, for example Vangief (The Zangief player who gave Justin Wong his first loss at Evo 2k10)

  2. There’s no set time it takes to learn anything in SF.

  3. You have to learn that just because you get on a losing streak with a character doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them as your main. Pick your favorite character as your main, chances are they match your playing style. Also, although this is easier said than done, when you lose on ranked, shrug it off because no one important in the FGC gives a shit about what rank you are on XBL or PSN. For example, Juicebox Abel who placed 17th in EVO currently has 768 PP and 70BP with Abel. Do you think that made any difference at EVO? Hell naw, because online doesn’t mean shit. If you aren’t winning tournaments then it doesn’t matter if you’re ranked #1 or #100000000 online.

Your post looks like a long title of a novel