In dire need of a trainer!

I’ve been playing the game for a while now, and i’ve had my ups and downs. To give a quick history: up to 3k pp on gouken in ssf4 and then played cammy throughout AE. I’ve dropped both entirely to play Makoto in ultra. But I have major inconsistencies ranging from 1k-1400 pp to some degree of frustration.

I feel like it’s learning a new game again, though i did take a long break after a little into AE.

Anyways, Point is topic. I can’t get the groove back and i’ve put my time in training mode and frame research and still just have terrible rank play.

I’m hoping a higher tier player is willing to help me out with some in game experience on a somewhat regular basis. Please, do let me know if anyone is interested.
XBL - BigNastyQQ
PC - Bic The Lighter

please don’t post these sort of threads in the SF4 section

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