In Florida: Another Case Of An Unarmed Black Teen Killed, Killer Cites "Stand Your Ground" Law


I need to get the fuck out of Florida…


Old white folks love to claim they felt “threatened” lol.

That music was so loud I just HAD to pull my gun out. Get in my car and drive away? Not an option!


inb4 they use this kid’s facebook, twitter and school records to say he was dangerous


This won’t end well…


Not to be racist but this shit will always happen,White people would get away with shit but if a black person did something wrong they send his ass to jail ASAP


I was wondering if stand your ground applied to people that are seated…

If this doesn’t get the damn law changed then black kids won’t even be able to look white folks in the eye without being shot at.


White people always feel threatened by something. Don’t they typically have the luxury of everything, including protection? Shit like this reminds me of the white girl stereotype when the girl practically runs shit wherever she goes because her daddy’s a big wig with connections.

But damn…can’t even sit in a car and listen to music.


To be fair… I’m sure we can all imagine a bunch of teenagers with an SUV and loud ass music acting like they have a 3 feet wide cock and talking shit. I’m sure most of us have seen teenagers like that.
It’s that something worth shooting them for? Not for me, but regardless of race, if those kids were people like those I’m talking about, then I’m indifferent about them being shot or not.

Teenagers are fucking annoying…


So you mean to tell me, it’s ok for me to shoot an asian female driving up next to my car because i feel “threatened”, in the state of Florida?


Seriously, can we just let that state succeed, bomb it to all hell, and say it was in self defense.

This shit is getting out of hand, I swear if I see my cousin’s face on some news report saying he died because his pants sagged too low, I’m going to do my best to become president over the next 20 years and crush Florida.


Hey serial killers: We made a state for you


c’mon. you’d be trying to hit that…with the gun behind the zipper.


…Looks threatening!! OPEN FIRE!!!



I say we revoke Florida’s statehood until they get their shit together down there. They’re fucking up our good image!

Nah, but seriously that “Stand Your Ground” law needs to go or at least needs to be amended.


WAIT WAIT. WAIT YOU FUCKS! God damn it!!! Wait. Okay. Take a breathe here you people. Relax okay? Just wait a second here…

WAIT UNTIL I GTFO OUT OF HERE THEN you can nuke/cut off/whatever Florida aka America’s dick.


Me too


This shit is getting ridiculous. So you tellin me that he pulled up to get some gas, the music was too loud next to him and he actually said turn your music down to a bunch of kids. This dude was trying to start something.
You are at a gas station for all of about 5 mins. People just get retardedly bold when they have guns because if he did not have a gun on him then he would not have said anything. This shit keeps on happening and is ridiulous.


Maybe they were listening to Nickelback.

I’m not saying that would make it right. Just that it would make it less wrong.


I hate how these old white men think they can kill any black man they want in FL.
Im gonna start invoking stand your ground when I tell some redneck to stop reving his motor with those stupid mufflers.


Interview with the lawyer is worth watching, just make sure your home insurance covers your computer screen for accidental damage.


4 black men in a car so obviously they are up to no good, no shotgun or any weapon was found in the car, lawyer says they chucked it and the police should check again.


Wow, this is bad. I can KINDA see the last one, considering both people were outside. But when you’re in your car, NO excuse to fucking open fire on another car rather than drive yours away.

Why aren’t more black people just killing old white folks and claiming they were standing their ground, to prevent white people from standing their ground?