In-game collectibles ala Smash Bros

I thought it’d be cool if for this game, you’d be able to unlock tons of little trinkets such as music, artwork and in-game statues of the characters. Smash Bros. did that and it was pretty fun content to have.

The music CDs could all be tracks from previous Street Fighter games, and you could set the music up however you wanted; you could set the rate at which the music appears, disable certain songs, set certain songs to play only when certain characters appear, and even have the same rules apply when you go online. So let’s say I never EVER wanted to hear Sagat’s SF4 theme, and only wanted to hear his SNES World Warriors theme. I could set it up that way if I wanted.

They could even have unreleased versions of certain tracks, like the theme that shows up in Hakan’s reveal trailer instead of his normal SSF4 music. That’d be pretty sweet.

I think it would be cool to have classic games as unlockables. For example, finish arcade mode on maximum difficulty with Charlie and you unlock SFA. Beat it with Ryu and you unlock the original game. Chun-li can unlock gem fighter maybe.

I like your ideas too, music unlocks especially.

This sounds like the best thing since ever. But with things like SF2 turbo HD remix and TS online edition I don’t think thats something they would do…and even if they did they would probably restrict it to local only as to not divide the online community. But yeah you basically just gave me things to dream about I will never have, you monster. TwT

Now that you’ve mentioned it I’m disapointed that this hasn’t been a part of the SSIV series

Unlocking the classic games makes no sense if you can’t play them online. And even if you could, making them unlockable means that you’ll have less people to play with in the first place.

So this idea is basically kind of like the Krypt from Mortal Kombat

I’m down for it. Like I mentioned in another thread, they should have videos of the characters’ backstories as well.