In-Game Modding: fun or pointless?

I was thinkin’ about how people get all pissy about how so and so is top tier and everyone is using said person and how it makes the game un-fun, and therefore, they won’t play it. Think about 3s for a sec…remember how when we beat the game with people, we unlocked extra options like having all 3 supers arts at once and being able to link them? This is what I’m talking about…if we changed the mechanics of the game, and theoratically changed up the tiers in the process…would you consider doing it more often purely for the hell of it? (keep in mind I’m not offering this as a replacement…just a side thing…RESPECT the defaults…this ain’t fuckin’ smash brothers…) I think its interesting to see how changing the physics can change some shit up…I know there’s other games that offer shit like that as well…but what do you think?