In-game tehcniques, combos, moves, & strategies

So what should I do? I’m having some serious shoto problems, especially with all their SAII’s. Its hard to get around and I have to be so patient that I get cornered and it becomes a mind game. If I dash through I eat a SAII, and if I jump around too much I eat a SRK. So which combos and specials should I use? I’m using SAI and I jump, daggerxxSAI to chip whenever I can. What would I use to punish a jump-in? How does ibuki deal the best damage after a parry? I use her crouch slide, f+mk, f+hk, on wakeup, and her launcher as an anti air.

You could probably do her B&B for her preffered combo (then cancel into her taunt for some style points!)

I think the best think you should do after an AA parry is her launcher.

When you do that kunai xx SAI, you should probably do her RDP motion k first THEN cancel into the kunai and SAI. Although, it’s not that safe.

I don’t know what you should do when you get corner trapped. I haven’t played this in a while. Ummmmm . . . sweep and run away!

the best thing to do after a parry is either>qcb+KK or if they’re close enough her launcher into whatever

you’ve pretty much got the idea of being patient against shotos, from the sounds of it, all you really need to do is tighten up your counter pressure so he’s afraid of things like random dp+k’s.

And with Ken in particular you can walk under and launch him and take away NEARLY ALL HIS JUMPING CAPABILITIES…(except the EX Hurricane, which you can jump and parry that shit 1…2…3…4 PUNISH, or the crossover MK, which should he do that parry in the air , then launch…) so with these exceptions pretty much you can run the ground game anytime he jumps, then if you can sense hes gonna jump hyou can mindfuck him by beating him to his jump with an airthrow, after a while as you say esp. against a Ken things get patient…the game gets slow except for Ken when he gets you on the ground then YES IT BECOMES A MINDGAME…block Str+fier the first time then hell throw you the next, or viceversa etc…the Ken player probably knows cr. MK is not the best option due to it being difficult to hit confirm, thus they go with cr. mp. Yes after snuffing str+fierce with EX DP then after awhile the mindgame gets worse because you get baited with it and then str+fierce to dp when you land /throw and restart the WHOLE DAMN THING AGAIN. I think its all about reading your opponent and sensing his tendencies…most have tendencies to Str+fierce on wakeup MORE OFTEN THAN NOT I think…

Cr. mk is always an option to use and you can buffer it and negative edge SA3(Talking about Ken). Learn to TK her SA1 and use s.rh, b. mk over her other normals during the guessing range game and look for whiffs/baits. RTSD is what it comes down to.

what i do most of the time is to qcb.kk get them evry time tends to be kinda slow so I don’t use it but it does have good priority in some cases. Qcb kk deals a good amount of stun so thats a plus.

Yes indeed Dark Zero, cr. mk is very good…too bad you cant combo it =( but thats okay it serves its purpose well as a poke and does exactly what you said. I use cr. mp after Ive trained the opponents to expect a certain speed of all my pokes, since it comes out at a delay to throw them off. Because cr. mk doesnt combo and isnt a low hitting move, then one question I WOULD ASK IS how to establish a low game with Ibuki right??? Well you can link cr. lk to qcb+k or the EX version to screw their blocking up and have an answer for whatever they do. Yes back+mk is good too as Dark Zero said. And of course we all know about the EX DP>>air combo>>EX QCB+KK combo, but sometimes I intentionally not do the last part so I can screw the opponent up. What I mean by this is sometimes I do the combo part really slow and let them hit me at times to make them think they can interrupt the combo, then I’ve trained them and after the air combo they try to attack, then I got them!!!

Oh yeah I have to comment about s.rh though!!!

Yes st. roundhouse i great on the guessing game, BUt I think ONLY IF YOU SJC IT UPON BLOCK. Yes we know you can do that if you connect, but if you are quick enough to see it upon block YOUD BETTER FUCKING SUPERJUMP CANCEL, because missing it leaves very bad recovery and that =DEATH. So something to think about, If I see its blocked I normally sj backwards and maybe throw some daggers or a couple of other options…but that is A MUST. :karate:

Also if you want to do a combo on wakeup (illadvised in some circles…but anyways) then you need to use her lk>mk combo AS HER SORTA STR+FIER SUBSTITUTE…take that KEN…hahah (yeah right I know) and NOT finish the full combo witht he FK because I’ve seen many times where it DOES NOT CONNECT and leaves you fucked. If you land the full combo (at any time and situation doesnt have to be wakeup) then sometimes throw out another neutral far standing FK and it will hit because they will try to hit you, or by that token you can cr.FK gto launch and fuck them up!!! :clap:
Now lets think-why the mk+fk combo and not the others??? Well because st. mk snuffs many things that is why! Going for the lp>mp>fp combo is not advised because that gets beat by MANY MANY THINGS in comparison to the kick combo. Same with the far st. lp>mp>lk one. But, after youve established the (aka trained your opponent) then the WORLD IS YOURS MR. BOND! :encore: Also with f+FK if they block that shit then tap DOWN because you get good recovery and the first instinct by many people (scrub or not) is to attack down, and you will get the parry.

Another SA2 setup (old)- if they are crouching THEY ARE DEAD. whiff a back+str+fierce combo then super immediately…they will get caught in it…hahahahha~~~~ :tup:

I meant the forward+rh not the far s.rh. Why low parry if you do have good recovery? Hell just do another f+rh. Plus its never good to let yourself get hit with Ibuki even if its part of your strategy game. Do that to me and you’re fucked.

Oh I hear you, especially against Yun, youre way fucked to get hit!!!

I’m having some problems playing with her
1- can’t do the 2-hits jump (j.lp, j.hp), any tips about how to do it?
2- I’ve seen in a match: s.rh (launch), s.lp, (1 hit), command dash
but the doesn’t connect =(. any tips for it also?
thanks in advance

forget about all my questions, I asked a friend and he told me how to do all that stuff.

how do u do that command thing ur talkin about?

I’m talking about her qcf+kick

I still didn’t play against my friends, but I’m worried about how to play against Dudley

I kno that =P
I meant the whole thing… the set up… it looks like it can start a good mix up.

it’s a nice setup, you can change sides and do whatever you want. I like doing s.rh, b+mp, s.hp, qcf+lk. then you can walk backwards to get back where you were, a fake crossup =)

To answer your first question you do j.LP, f+HP in the air. You have to hit forward + HP.

For the second question although it looked that way to me at first it’s actually one of Ibuki’s more obscure chain combos. After the close s.HK for the launch you hit b+MP, HP to command dash. There’s no LP involved in that combo. You can really catch people off guard with that set up. Only issue is it only works effectively on smaller characters. Namely Yun, Yang, Oro, and Ibuki herself.

When I do the s.HK then fuggle with b+MP,HP sometimes the opponent will get grounded:wow:. I found this to happen a certain hight from the ground, usually as late as possible. Can some1 else confirm this and give me some piece of mind that I’m not tooo high when I play 3s. :looney:

That’s what I meant when I said it only works effectively on the smaller characters. On characters with larger hit boxes you have to hit them at a very specific point while they are falling down or you won’t even be able to juggle them with both hits. On characters like Urien it’s pretty much not even worth doing since during most of his falling animation he falls in a way that you can’t even hit him with b+MP. Let alone the HP for the chain. Even if you do hit him with both hits there’s a possibility that he may not even reset and just fall straight to the ground because you hit him a couple frames too late.

On small characters like Yun, Yang and Oro though you can get it to work pretty much no matter what point they are in the air. It’s a very character specific combo reset unfortunately. That’s why you’ll only see the Japanese use it against the smaller characters for the most part.

Ahhhh thanx