In honor of MvC2 revival



Let’s give Tron her welcome back! If any of you guys are using her, then lets collaborate strategies, and combos. The other thread is MIA.


i enjoy this thread alot
lets hear it guys


I use Tron Bonne because of her uber assist move :sweat: , but would like to learn some smooth moves with her


A good combo is:

In the corner, HP airthrow, OTG c. lk xx lunch rush. Easy, and it does about 40-50% percent on most character.

Another simple combo is crossup j. hp, c. lk, c. lk xx lunch rush.

Also, I figured out some retarded 100% DHC with Team Z on Sentinel.

Glitched Juggernaut 1st, Doom 2nd, Tron 3rd

Call Tron-Y assist, crossup j. hk, tron assist hits, s. lp, s. hp xx headcrush, near the end, DHC into photon array, near the end of photon array, DHC into lunch rush.

I’m sure Preppy has a shitload of info he could give us.


i play tons of tron when I run my low tier teams.

Trons air throw is retarded. In most cases, she can throw into AA’s and other assists. By retarded, I mean it has great range, throw priority and the stuff after it is pretty deadly if you have a setup. Throw into psylock free air combo, and she can throw into ruby heart AA as well.

She can do multi air dashes in the air. You can do stuff like sj adf.lp, adf.lp and create different stalls to adjust her descending jump angle.

her qcb+pp super will always come out for 1 hit if the flash starts up iirc.

Corner infinite is practical but you gotta practice that. Corner combo, few reps of the infinite, throw, c.rh, super should be a dead character or close to it.

Her j.fp will cross every character up that matters. That move is super wide. Her most versatile xup.

sj, immediate, cancel RH. Is a good poke string\mixup. Hit confirmable for great life.

If you happen to do one of her drills on the ground and it connects with the point, you can do qcf+pp and before it hits, dhc into another super. This doesn’t work with every DHC but it is pretty practical. Team chemisty is the key here.

s.rh when thrown is unblockable, eczangeif gets the credit on that. Guy plays to much marvel honestly :looney:

pretty sure tron has an instant overhead all though I can remember if its or j.lp. and I can’t remember if it was character dependent.


I’ve always been a fan of Tron and she’s always been on my teams. I like alot of what Shoultzula posts, some good info in there. I’m curious as to whether or not anyone has any practical application for her QCB+PP Super?

Also, after not playing for SOOOO long, I’m finding a few things that I didn’t know about before or was too much of a stoner in College to remember.

On a safe tag where you hit, I find myself comboing her drill on a falling opponent.

I KNOW there has to be a solid follow up to that, does anyone have any suggestions? Can you Lunch Rush or will it always be blocked?

Or maybe I just need to learn to dash/launch in this situation?



Generally, the only use I see for King Kobun (QCB+PP) is for a little chip. Sentinel drones or Storm typhoon should cover you if you go for it, so it can be nice, safe chip damage, and that’s about it.

On a tag hit, I’d go for an air magic series (lp lk (2 hit) lk) and finish off with an air drill. Not sure if a ground drill xx lunch rush would work.

Although generally, I’d rather DHC to get Tron on the field.


^-- what he said.
When the next character is coming in, it is usually safe to do standing fierce xx King Kobun so that they land into the hammer and just take chip. Don’t do it against people with upwards air dashes/etc if you’re not sure of the timing. It’s dumb, but you need every edge with Tron Bonne.

You guys should really check out the old FrankDaDank Tron Bonne strategies thread in this forum, that’s got a wealth of good information.

With air combos, if you end them with, you get some surprisingly good positioning and usually the change to reset into the air throw midscreen. They can tech it, of course, but for most people it’ll destroy them. Or if you don’t want to end with (which is a counterintuitive ending), do whatever and then while you’re coming down do an air dash to change angles. If they’ve flinched or done a move below you, you’re now in a position to take advantage.

I really like Tron. Everybody plays her differently, though. I will always snap her in because most people just use her assist and don’t know how to play her well. She’s a brilliant character on point if you work hard enough.

#9 I’m blown away with the fact that I made that thread in 2003…and Preppy would never DARE to snap my Tron in :wink:


I would snap your Tron in just to steal your secrets. I pay rapt attention to your Tron and Evan’s Tron. :slight_smile:

I’ve decided that the standing roundhouse (rock throw) is pretty much the funniest post-match move in the game, and that in Player matches against new people, your excellence with Tron is directly reflected by how many times you hit them with that thrown rock.


The HK Rock is randomly unblockable, about 20% of the time in theory. The unblockable bit is/are the frame(s) where the Rock turns from a normal to a projectile.


merry christmas :arazz:


I just re-read that thread that Frank posted long ago.

A few things to note against the top 4. I’m going to talk from a solo Tron standpoint.

Vs. Storm

  • You want to avoid unnecessary air dashes because hail storm will make you eat it. You can trade with her s. hk with Tron’s j. HK or try to get some priority trade with j. LK. Not always the best solution but it’s not so shabby. Also a push block after her s. HK into air LK drill is useful for surprise tactics.

  • Your main priority is in the corner even vs Storm, try to trade with sj. LP as well as it doesn’t stay out there too long. J. HP is not useful vs Storm even if you cross because it’s tough to stay out there.

  • Another useful trick is to sj backwards and cancel your motion down by using quick air dash -> j. LK or j. LP, let it connect and follow with MP or MK. Those two attacks have tons of priority and puts the opponent in a lot of blocking frames.

Vs. Magneto

  • Corner is where you’ll want to stay at again. While it’s dangerous there as well, a magneto dashing right under you and trying to cross you in 4 different directions is harder to manage. Anything unnecessary where you’re leaving yourself open will get you one hit killed. This means no ground drills unless you have hit confirm or

  • c. HK and while you’re moving back has a ton of pushback against magneto and you can recover fast enough to SJ away or something else

  • Trading sj. LK is best before he comes up and gets to you. When you’re coming up and he’s above you use sj. LP to trade with him. Your best bet is to get close and throw his ass to avoid that stupid c. LK 1 frame. I’m talking about trading hits, and when you land right before he does or when you do WHOEVER has the advantage, you want to try mix ups like

walk close, throw backwards
lp, throw
wave dash, press down, throw

Both anti-Mag/Storm tactics you can use with Storm.

Vs. Sentinel

  • If he has the air, you dash right under him and SJ HP his ass. Most of the time he won’t be able to get that s. LP that would counter you because you’re going to cut that robot arm with your spinning j. HP.

  • Be sure to keep the air and you can always sj dash HP way in the air. Most things Sentinel will try to do will get stuffed but don’t do it all the time otherwise you can eat a s. HK

  • When you land and he’s still in the air far away from you, throw a kobun up and get out of his laser range. Don’t SJ too high where he can dash back and beam you. If you know he will, you will have to bring your blocking game against any Sent/xxx assist till you can get a chance and bring him to the corner again.

Vs. Cable

  • It’s about the reaction time, you see the s. HP from Cable, you SJ and dash. You see him SJ, you wave dash in. Any Cable/xxx assist will give you trouble but Cable has the biggest problems covering himself over his head and that’s where you can get most of your cross ups in.

  • Try to be a half screen away before you attempt any sj LK drills or anything of that nature. Half screen away from Cable is where he does not want you to be. I mean right out of his s. HK range. Real difficult to measure but once you’re able to see it, this is where you get the advantage.