In-Match Combo Execution Problems


So I’ve been having an issue with lots of fighting games for quite a while, and it’s when I try to perform combos in match. Whenever I’m in training mode I can put a good amount of time into practicing combos and can execute them pretty well. However, when it comes to a match, ANY match, no matter what, I always start to fumble with performing my combos. I’ll constantly mistime my inputs, press the wrong button,or what bothers me the most, completely forget the first few hits of the combo and start to mash all the buttons cause I lose almost total control(I play on the PS3 pad if that matters much). I’ve been having this issue for more than a year, and it affects almost all fighting games I play. I need help with this, and I will be thankful for any advice that you all can give me.


You just need to play more. The more real matches you play, the less you differentiate between training mode and real situations. Your drops are caused by a lack of experience in using your combos from practical hitconfirms.

There’s really no secret remedy anyone can give you on how to get better with execution. You just have to practice, and match experience is more valuable than training mode experience.


You can use the CPU to practice this stuff as well. It’s a good halfway point between “Dummy that just stands there and waits for you to psyche yourself up enough to do your combo” and “real person that clobbers you and never gives you a chance to even think about it.”


You can try to ease yourself into a real match by setting up scenarios that could happen. Go into training mode, and record the dummy performing a move and then blocking. Practice your blocking and then performing your combo as a punishment. You just need experience and muscle memory and that only comes from playing.


What helped me use my combos was simply go into training mode and practicing it. Then go into casuals and focus only on execution. If I can do it in casuals without thinking too much, then I know i’ve got it and then I can focus on the other things such as spacing, pokes, etc


In my experience, I was always able to pull off combos in training and never in matches just like you. At the time I was without XBL so I could only practice combos on the CPU to experience against a moving target. Once I hopped back online I was busting out combos almost without thinking.