In Memoriam: Brian Graham "Mummy-B" (3-28-82 to 8-25-04)

Today would have been Brian’s 26th birthday.

Take a minute to remember our fallen friends Brian, Craig “MAXIMUS” DuFour, Chris “Kao Megura” MacDonald, and all the gamers who shared their passion and life with us.

1 love Brain and Craig!

Seeing this thread made me think back to meeting and conversing with him at a couple of Final Rounds. I can’t profess to have known him very well, but from what I saw he was a tremendous guy and I will never forget the grace and dignity with which he handled his situation.

Rest in peace to him, MAXIMUS, Kao and all the others we have lost.

Come the Rapture theyll be laying the smackdown on some of satans hos TRUST!

Yes, Rest in peace my dear friend MAXIMUS. He got me off of Tekken for Marvel and introduced me to top players like Mixup. Very cool guy.

^I still remember that weekend. Craig was suppose to come up to gainesville and play wit us. He never showed. Last word was that he’d left a party alone. Then the next day we got the news.

I miss that fool. For the longest he put me the losers for like 3 tournies str8.

I thought it would be appropriate to bring the thread from last year back - perhaps we can keep this going as a tradition?

Everyone take a moment to say a few words if you can.

Today would have been Brian’s 27th birthday.

We love you bro and you’ll always be missed and remembered as long as srk exist!!!

Rest in Peace hommie!:china:

If B was your hommie please steal my avatar and rock it for a week to honor B.

didnt know him but r.i.p bro.

As long as people remember then those lost will always live on.

My respects.

I will never forget those two, Brian Graham and Craig DuFour, rest in peace fellas and smile down on us from above :wink:

He died 2 months before Will martin did

Rest In Peace Mummy-B, MAXIMUS, and Kao. Even though i don’t know who y’all were, you all have my deepest respects and condolences.

We await your return…Warrior

One love