In MvC3 what is a wavedash?


help please?


not me, but basically what you can do is press down and two attack buttons so
Down + L M > Down + L M basically.


Wave dashing is essentially triangle-jumping super close to the ground. cjacksonCMYK has provided the inputs plus a video, so that in itself should be enough to get an idea of what it looks like.

It’s used to cover lots of ground in a short period of time. I believe it works backwards as well


Wave dashing is the act of dashing using the shortcut programmed in the game and immediately canceling the dash animation with a crouch, so that you can immediately dash again.

The MvC 3 dash shortcut is 2 punches. In the other vs games it was 3 punches. I guess capcom wanted to make it easier for noobs.


No, this causes a crouching normal to come out. The down input comes slightly after the dash input.

Input is more like 2A~Down.



Awesome, some1 threw my vid as a reference haha. I wouldnt recommend using the DP motion dash. Its much better to use 2Punches + Down to cancel it out




[(L_M_H + L_M_H)~2 ] xN


Quoting because this is the only answer out of 7 that’s both helpful and accurate. That it even takes more than one reply to explain wavedashing is astonishing.


Hello melee thing that is also in marvel, hello marvel thing that is also in melee.
The difference from melee here is that the wave-dashes are good for all. Peach’s melee dash was so sad. O LOOK I TIPTOED AN INCH.

If you have marvel 2 and want to see a stupidly good one, see Cammy’s. Sent has a good mvc3 one. It’s really easy to do for everyone. Unlike smash.


Just waanted to say thanks to the people who shared the info on what this is. Been wondering about it for a while :smiley: