In need of a graphic!

Im looking for a kind soul who is awesome with photoshop/graphics to make me a graphic for an arcade stick.

It’s a Tekken 5 Hori stick, but I wanna get rid of that horrible tekken art on it.

What I’m looking for:

A graphic featuring Cable from MvC2. I had an idea of what I wanted so I went into photoshop to try to make it, but I am failing miserably (im a noob with ps). Basically my idea was to have the graphic of Cable doing an AHVB, including that yellowish character backdrop that happens when you first do the special. Id like the beam to extend all the way to the right end of the stick.

Something like this:

Except with the beam coming out.

Also I’d like my nickname “Breeze” (my name is Brian and my friends call me that) underneath the beam, or hell, if you can make it say that inside the beam that would also be wicked. Feel free to PM me if you are willing to do this for me! Thanks!

Post in the Image MishMash forum. You will probably have better luck there.