In need of a third for my team


i use ryu and cyclops
i do fairly well, but i need a solid third. I switch between akuma, iron man, dr doom, and other characters i like to try. but i would like some recomendations as to who should be my main third, i will still use different ppl, but if i see some one in a lobby in need for an ass whoopin, i need my elite go-to team. Also, yeah i know ryu is not that good but i have fun using him, and im not THAT bad



Shotokan = meh in MvC2


who is IM. Also I’m digging capcom


Iron Man


ohh, ok thanks ill use that as an alt team. i for my main team, i want to include ryu and cyclops, and i think ill use capcom as the third. i know kinda unorthadoxed but i enjoy using him


S E N T I N A L. since your already have an AA assist.


uhh since im newbie to mvc2, whats an aa assist? and i dont like using big characters, too slow, but since im up to try anything why not.


AA= Anti-Air
Get Rid Ryu Asap and use cyclops(Anti Air),sent(ground), and cable(projectile) since your not that into this game yet.



only gets worse folks:clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos::clapdos:


to slangin: i dont want to use god tier, its a game i like enjoying characters, i dont even know how to use those guys. the team i got now is fine with me and enjoyable to use. ryu, cyclops, and captain commando.

to gasp: if your refering to me then screw you, i dont play this game competitively and i dont plan to, playing with friends and then some random ppl every now and then is fine with me. if your not then nvmd. BUT IF YOU ARE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, if you’re not planning on picking it up competitively, then I don’t see why you’d want to work on your team…


because i want to get better, just not too much better


what :looney:


I need a team to stick with. I’ve been using Doom/Amingo/ and some random third.

I want a team with Amingo because I like the way he plays.


Jill Valentine


Alright, I’ll try that out.


jeez, drop them all and use roll/serbot/dan then.


Is it really that hard to believe that somebody would like to be good at a game without playing it competitively?


Storm/Sentinel/Captain Commando

Easy to start with and will take you far.


lol yeah
i want to be good enough to hold my own against whoever, just not evo jwong comeback good.

BTW totally random but can anyone give me a link to the video with justin wong vs the top uk player using servot