In Need of Advice, Purchasing My First Stick!


Hey guys, I’m normally just a lurker gawking at everyone’s pics of arcade sticks. Well, I’ve finally decided that I should buy a stick of my own. Like many people looking to purchase their first fight stick, I was considering the SFIV Tournament Edition stick. It was only until I found out that the TE stick isnt compatible with my computer! (I have an AMD CPU+Nvidia Mobo chipset, built on 06/2009 :sad:) Anyways I’m looking at alternatives, but having limited knowledge in this area, I’m im need of advice! I’m looking in particular for a stick that is PS3 and PC compatible

So I’ve take a look around the forums and I’ve been seeing the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 is pretty popular, but as I kept searching the interwebz, I found out about the Hori PS3 Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA.

It’s about the same price as the TE stick (at least now it is since the TE stick has dropped in price), and it seems very similar to the HRAP3, and has all Sanwa too. What do you guys think about it?

I also found out about the Tekken 6 wireless arcade stick that is coming out. What do you guys think of it? I wasn’t able to find out about the parts, so that’s why I’m kinda skeptical about it. I also didnt really want to spend $150 on a stick unless it was really nice quality, although it does come with the game and an artbook. Basically want to get the best stick that I can buy for my first experience. BTW, I’m not worried that a wireless stick will not be allowed for use in tournaments because I don’t plan on joining any.

I’m not really looking into purchasing a custom stick because those seem to cost like $180+. I don’t want to buy a cheap stick and mod it myself because I’ve never soldered a thing in my life.

Also, I would love a stick that could swap out artwork and add a plexiglass on top. Would any of the sticks that I’ve mentioned above (besides the TE) be able to do that?


Have you read all the relevant threads? Given the fact that you’re not looking for something special, I would think that there are a lot of threads that could help you without you starting a new one.

Good luck though.


You could wait on the HRAP3-SA if you don’t want to mod. I just own a Hori FS3. I never solder anything. i preordered the tekken 6 bundle but people don’t know what parts are in it. I’ll learn how to solder depending on the parts in the T6 stick. If you want one now buy a HRAP3.


This topic has been covered before, but I’ll entertain it.

The HRAP3-SA is a good option for you. It’s priced well, and is all sanwa.
If you’re looking to do tournaments though, I’d get a TE and get it dual modded.


dude, a UHCI compliant (remember that) pci usb card costs no more than 10 bucks
go to your nearest pc store and get one

other than that, HRAP 3’s are awesome too…the buttons that come with are not too shabby, but you can replace them with ease as well - perfect beginners stick

but yeah…if you can, get the TE, if not HRAP’s just as good (depends which you like better - though, there’s more templates/options for the TE on this site - plus art is easier to replace)

BTW: ARTHONG i think, sells plexi for the HRAP i think…not sure…check it out


If you’re not gonna get a TE then HRAP 3 SA is definitely the way to go.


If you know what kind of buttons and stick type (ball or bat top) and have the cash… there are a few who will custom build a case and do the wiring for you.

Theres allways the cthulhu and a bit of elbow grease no soldering needed… buying a pre-built board and a pre-built case, from norris or anyone else who makes them would be nice as well.

Dual mod’ing is nice - but can be tricky if your not comfortable with some serious detail.

Lot of cash = Custom built HW/Case/Wiring
Regular cash = HRAP stick or TE stick

Hope you find something that works for you… I’m building my own =)


Yeah, I know about the USB card, but I have a mid ATX motherbord and I have only 2 PCI slots. One of which is being taken up by my monsterous videocard, and another will be taken up by a wireless card when I go to college in the Fall.
I know what you mean about those templates, and personally I think the TE stick is way more slick lookin’… I really wish I could buy a PS3 TE, but I just don’t have the room for a USB card. And who knows if this still will be compatible with my future computers? If not now, then when? It doesn’t seem like the people at MadCatz are looking into solutions either.

Heh, I would totally get the Xbox TE and dual mod it if I could do it myself or have the cash to do it. Maybe if there was a reallllly good tutorial that is noobie friendly to soldering, I’d give it a shot. Are there any out there?

Doing some research, thats basically what I’ve concluded. I just wanted to make sure that the pros of fighting sticks would approve. I’ve already pre-ordered the HRAP3 and the Tekken 6 LE bundle. Although, I think I might cancel the Tekken LE depending on what stick comes with it; all I know is that it’s wireless.

Well, I was thinking of spending only around $120 or so… So I think custom building is out the door, unless I can make myself do it somehow, but those chances are slim.

Okay I got a question, I’m seeing the HRAP3-SA all over the place (youtube, ebay). I just purchased a pre-order… What’s up with the re-release and the need to pre-order it all of a sudden?



Art sells plexis for HRAP 2’s and 3’s.

He also makes plexis for the T5 and other HRAP-derivative license sticks (that don’t have Turbo buttons) and the MadCatz TE sticks. There’s also been talk of him collaborating and providing plexis for some of the custom cases being sold on

He does NOT make plexis for Fight Sticks and other smaller model joysticks. I guess the plexi prototypes for those either didn’t work out or he just doesn’t think there’s a big enough market for those.

The HRAP plexis he makes now will NOT fit the Tekken 6 stick. It has a slightly different button configuration and he’d have to modify the current HRAP 2/3/SA template to fit the new faceplate…

The HRAP 2/3 Plexi pattern does fit the BlazBlu joystick, though. I think most, if not all, the PS3 HRAP-derivative sticks from Hori have Turbo buttons. The PS2 licensed HRAP-derivatives like the Tekken 5 and Arcana Heart sticks DO NOT have Turbo buttons.


yeah…my brother had his TE dual modded…it works great!
get a friend who’s an electrician to do it or something…