In need of Akuma help!



Greetings SRK, I’ve (since Evo) gotten back into SSF4AE and am thinking of maining Akuma (or Gouken, but that’s for a different thread). What I would like is to meet another decent Akuma so that we can bounce ideas off each other. I’m sort of looking for a mentor but more than that, I’m looking for a friend and good practice partner. I’m on PC at FalsumVeri if anyone is interested.

I find Akuma fun and would really like to learn more about him.


You should also post your location because playing Akuma in lag is basically worthless. You will want a partner who has a good connection with you.


Oh, I suppose I should. I’m West Coast US.


And so the Akuma players begin to rise. All thanks to EVO.


Was playing Akuma before EVO this year, but okay.


Luckily they drop him soon enough once they get stunned after 2 bad guesses.


why being an ass because people being attracted by this char ? Of course people gona trust a char that won something.
Level up your game, and don’t be scared about some competiton.

Akuma never won Evo, Infiltration did.