In need of an avatar

I was told to come here if i needed an avatar. I have some pretty badazz pics but i cant fit the size limitations so if anyone can make me an avatar or leave me one i would really appreciate it. If anyone has pictures of Rugal doing some shit that would be kickass.

you’re better off posting in some1’s request thread

individual random requests like thsi barely get attention

just go through taggers’ threads…




ME -

DG -

the +'s are ones i reccomend

Thanx bro looks nice ill check it out

hey what about me:mad:

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nothings funny im serious. hadoken king, if you think im not a good tagger to request from then fuck you:mad:

edit: ok i see it now :cool:

we still cool king;)

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dude, u fucking suck…


nah, just playin… before i couldn’t find your thread, so i didn’t know where to link… i just found it

Hey! I happen to not be overwhelmed by requests from everyone, and don’t like to do requests I don’t really like, that’s why I don’t make request threads. Sometimes I feel like I want to make an av for someone but they all go out to request threads or someone says something like that. Individual requests are fine, they open the chance to make it to anyone, and at the same time, removes the pressure of “he requested it in my thread so now I have to do it.” It gives freedom to whomever would consider making the av whether or not they want to do it. So I’m going to say this one more time…

You don’t have to go to request threads to have your request done.


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alot of peeps make requests, and they never get responded to until some1 bumps them twelve times

sometimes i do them when i’m bored… like i’ve done in teh past…