In need of assistance against PTX



I know they say along with Polimar, and Ken, that Ryu is a good fight against PTX, but I always seem to get forced in the corner without any kind of strategy against him.


The trick to PTX in higher level matches is to have a really solid run away game. It’s incredibly boring, but effective. To get away you super jump, dash forward, jump, dash forward, C tatsu. That should get you pretty far away. However, a smart PTX or Lightan will see this coming when you super jump and walk back to get you again. So basically you mix them by super jumping, dash forward, jump, dash backward. Also, almost never use Ryu’s level 1 attacks. They are really easy to block and adv. guard the chip, they don’t do that much damage to them, and they can walk right through them to get closer to you/smack you upside the head for being stupid. Save up for the Lv. 3 as it takes them into a little cut scene and always does full damage. You want to wait for an attack that you can punish with the level 3 like one of the long C moves. But watch out, because they can bait you with a slow move, and right when your about to do the super they can baroque and block and punish you.

Ryu is not a bad fight against PTX, but if you looking for a counter pick I would say that Tekkaman Blade seems to be a really good match against the giants. His dash super and fast projectiles that can grab the giants are really good.


Well Ryu is mainly about running getting your jump attack than immediately jc’ing it for safety. Also if you ever get 3 bars immediately just do something stupid and cancel it into shin sho and combo after it lol.