In Need Of Combos 4 Sagat!

Im having trouble coming up with combos with Sagat, i need to know some combos that cause some heavy or moderate damage to the opponent. I use N Groove, but i dont know if the groove would make a difference, does it?

meaty crouch fierce link into crouch fierce

Do this many times

His C combos are sick, but you can still do some in N-groove.

s.jab, s.jab, c.forward, super
c.short, s.jab, tiger uppercut
c.short, s.jab, s.jab, tiger crush
c.short, s.jab, s.strong, tiger crush
c.short, s.jab, s.jab, c.forward, super

Im not sure if level 1’s will connect on those combos though. Perhaps someone else will post.

I know lvl 1 tiger cannons will combo.

s. jab X3, c. foward, Lvl 3 Low Tiger Shot or Tiger Raid(corner only for the Tiger Raid)

also, with the 4 string c. short, s, jab X2, c. foward combo, a level one super will only connect in the corner.

try doing jump light kick crouch light kick tifer raid always works for scrubs

crossup, s.lp x2,, lv2 tiger raid, lv1 high tiger cannon. Does like 9660.

C or N
Jump in roundhouse,s.fierce,Fierce tigert uppercut

Jump in roundhouse,s.fierce,lv2 tiger raidxx last hit fierce tiger uppercut.

I dont mean to intrude on N-Groove, but can you do anything good with P-Groove (thats my fav).

Standing jab wont hit everyone, Iori, Vega, Haohmaru, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sakura, Morrigan, Hibiki, Ryo, Yuri, King, Vice…basically just don’t do a standing jab on ANY short or small characters. For an alternative use, C.short*2 - C.Foward - Low Tiger shot.

actually a better link is, xx tiger knee

Generally the safest thing to do is

if they cant duck your stand jab, low short, stand jab, low fwd, super(these links are all fairly easy, alot of people do stand jab, stand strong but that link is harder i think, maybe someone with the book can tell me the data but i know i dont miss stand jab, low fwd. plus low fwd hits low in case they stand up for some reason, you never know).

if they can duck your stand jab, you can do low short short stand strong super, but i dont think its worth the risk of missing that hard link. Just do short short tiger raid. obviously do the above combo if you know they will be standing(like say you got your low short by doing an empty low jump or whatever).

Stand fierce fb super, low fierce fb super, stand short fb super are all good for punishing whiffs during footsie games.

without super, short short tiger knee/uppercut against short characters and short stand jab tiger knee/uppercut against tall ones.

There you go thats all you need A WINNER IS YOU

sagat can do some ok combos but you have to remember that sagat isnt the combo type character. his long legs and arms are great for dealing one hit blows that are mad powerful. but comboing with sagat is good cause sagat can become predecitble if u dont.

ur one dumb motherfucker.

yeah I usually do a low power JK but land it low down and throw from it

according to’s frame data, s.MP and c.MK has the same start up doesn’t it? So doesn’t that make it equally hard to link off the lk?

hehe, i was speed reading…i read

c.LK, c.LK xx MK tiger knee

as,, [c.]mk xx tiger [-knee]

sorry bout that

I’ve been using sagat alot recently with n-groove but i wna start using him with c-groove so do all the above said combos work in c-groove? Also what else can i use 2 combo with tiger raid other then just

For easy heavy damage:

Jump In Roundhouse - C.Fierce - Level 3/MAX Tiger Raid
Jump In Roundhouse (Note: Try to land out of close range.) - Far.S.Fierce - Level 3/MAX Tiger Raid