In need of El Fuerte Trainer



I just started to play SFIV and i am really interested in El Fuerte, but im straight gutter trash in this game. So if anyone can kindly train me so that i can be somewhat decent at this game i will greatly appreciate it. My GT is xBuTt BuStEr Thanks


I wish I can help with live training, but my connection is not great and I am not much of an expert either, my execution still needs a lot of work T_T I will try and provide some tips though:

  1. First I need to ask, do you have experience in other similar fighting games? If yes, then you should know a lot about the basics, and that would help a lot since SF4 is focused on that. If not, then you need to read up a little on them, you can find most of the basic tips under the beginner section in here: You can find basic character-specific tips as well. Make sure you are fimiliar with the common terminolegy, as it is used a lot in here.

  2. As you read the basics (assuming you are not fimiliar with them), try to apply them in practice. Go first to training mode and see how much you can do there. Pick one of the easier characters first (like Ryu) and try to apply some of those fundementals.

  3. Once you feel a bit confident, then switch to El Fuerte, and try to do those basics with him. Take him to trial mode, and do at least all of the normal trials to get a feel of his playstyle.

  4. Now time for the battlefield, if you have offline friends then you’re lucky, as practicing with them should help a lot. If not, then go online and try to find players that are better than you, but not by a lot (where you feel like a win is within reach with enough effort). When you lose, think of why it happened and how you could have avoided the loss. Remember that you can use the record/playback functionalities in training mode, those are extremely helpful.

  5. You will start encountering specific matchup issues, as some characters have a lot of tricks that seem impossible to overcome for a beginner (like Blanka, who I think is the biggest nightmare for beginners). Thats when you start looking up the matchup thread and the videos one, all available in this forum. Focus on learning the common matchups that occur a lot (like Ryu, scrubby Kens, etc…), as being able to win those will give you a confidence boost and motivation to learn more.

  6. As you learn El Fuerte, the first thing you need to apply after learning the basic moves is baiting. I have a friend who wants to learn Fuerte, but doesn’t do enough baits and quickly goes for the splashes, and most of the time he ends up eating tons of dragon punches that could have been avoided. Don’t be like him!

  7. Try to focus on the easier ways of punishing initially (worry about advanced combos like RSF later), as those should be enough to beat most beginners if you are good with baiting. As you move in slowly to advanced territory, you will start having other issues, thats when you come here and ask for an advanced training session from our fellow fuertes :slight_smile:

Finally, I hope someone here can help you with live training online, that should get you up to speed a lot faster! You will feel discouraged at many points, especially when you start facing those who are very fimiliar with the Fuerte matchup, but keep it up and remember that we’re here to help! there is already tons of info and videos on this forum that can help as well. Good luck!

EDIT: Try listing your GT here and you might find good trainers:


I’ll help you out, I would be glad to pass on my knowledge that i’ve gained.


well i think yu should watch videos of TKD…
thats where most fuerte players get there stuff from…