In need of Gouken help!



Greetings SRK, I’ve (since Evo) gotten back into SSF4AE and am thinking of maining Gouken (or Akuma, but that’s for a different thread). What I would like is to meet another decent Gouken so that we can bounce ideas off each other. I’m sort of looking for a mentor but more than that, I’m looking for a friend and good practice partner. I’m on PC at FalsumVeri if anyone is interested.

I find Gouken fun and would really like to learn more about him.


I’m on PC too, so what’s your name tag?

I know a good deal about the character, and if you’re new, I could show at least my own play style.

I’m from Europe, so hopefully you’re not from the westcoast of US…

But! If you wish to be my pupil, you will have to denounce the ways of Akuma! I teach only the good and pure of heart, and I pity the soul who attracts my wrath, should they use my teachings for mischief and evil deeds, as they walk the path of darkness, with my light of wisdom lighting up their trail, and moving ever closer to annihilate their burden to this world! lol


I’m FalsumVeri online. I am from the West Coast US, though D:


Find me when my PC’s not trying to overheat itself.

GFWL: SRK Tiberious

I’ll show you why people are sleeping on Gouken and need to respect him more.


Tiberious, I tried to add you but your friends list is full, haha.


I’ll add you, but I’m from Germany, so our connection might be bad. I’ll try anyway.^^


I’ll add you, but I’m from Germany, so our connection might be bad. I’ll try anyway.^^


Can another scrub get in here for the learnin? I get bodied way too much haha! Jerkllandong1st is my GFWL tag.




What’s your location? If you’re close enough, I’ll add you and get some games in.

Fair warning, though, I’ll probably body you too, but I do it with the intent to teach you where you’re going wrong with your gameplay.


Central Arkansas. I wont mind the impending doom haha! i really would enjoy some critiques!


I’d love to get in on this too if anyone is up for it. I’m on the east coast, ChaoticShdwMonk