In need of mentor For Ultimate,Xbox 360


I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place.I’m looking to improve my skills in this game and cannot do it just by playing online.I would like someone to show me the ropes and whatnot and possibly he;lp me create a team. My Gamertag is TheHeirofBreath and I am located in Florida.Reply if interested.


Actually, if you are an absolute beginner or just relatively new to the game online CAN teach you a lot imo. Grant it online is not perfect by any means and isn’t the best way to practice and if you have someone to play with offline then by all means F some online. If not however you should try and find a good player with whom you have a good connection with and try to get in some long sets, you will learn some things guaranteed. This is just my two cents though, good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Where are you located in Florida? There is always the region forums, if your area has a scene; going out to where they play is the best option you have as long as you have time to play. On your own or online just play and it will slowly make sense in time.


There is no scene close to where I live im looking for someone willing to do it online.