In need of serious helps

I’m in desperate need of help with developing my Oni before Final Round comes in less than two months. I really wish I could get help when i ask for it. Will you guys help me out or nah?

ruguo my niggah

what aspect of your oni game are you looking to improve? in the meantime, you gotta keep grinding that training room. look for videos of oni vs the characters you’re having trouble with. then, back to grinding.

I’m lacking basic Oni Footsies, Zone gaming, and setups. I have combos, but I just have a bad habit of finishing them while they are being blocked. I’ll try and get some replays up of my Oni, but I feel like I have to relearn the character and his being as one. I don’t wanna give up on him, because i love the character. So I’m looking to get completely better.