In need of some help


hey guys im new to ssf4 ae iv only been playin for about a week now. im just posting this to see if anyone can give me lessons and teach me ins and outs of this game,for only playin for a week i get told im not bad lol just sucks losein all the time lol but hey i guess it happends to all of us but all in all i still have fun playin tho. id say its one of the most funest fighting games i ever played even tho i get raped all the time.And also i play over xbl and i use a 360 controller and my gt is kcizicecold so if any of u have the time to teach a newbie hit me up on xbl thanks guys


Definitely check out this thread. Make sure you understand it, and most importantly, apply it to your game play through training. Just in case you didn’t know.

The basic principles in these 3-part videos can apply to any game, be sure to understand the basics before you go crazy on plinking, option selects, and links.


Post your information here to find a PSN tutor: