In need of stick modding (around los angeles)

so i have a fighting stick ex2 and a few buttons are starting to crap out on me, i want to get some sanwas or seimitsus in there (doesn’t make much of a difference to me). i’m around l.a., more specifically in alhambra/san gabriel. if any of you guys live in or around the area shoot me a pm with your price.

*i figured since i’m looking to buy someone’s service that this post belongs in here. if this needs to get moved to the local matchmaking forum feel free to do so, and i apologize in advance.

I got ya, pm sent

moo-moo hi-hi cow-cow meow meow!

you should have hit me up man i can do this for ya.

Hit me up on xbl I can do this for free…
you just got to drive down to the OC.

When you see how easy it is you will laugh.