In need of TE2 replacement parts


I’m scouring Madcatz’s website looking for parts such as side panel/button panel and having trouble finding them. Did madcatz stop selling these extra parts?


They selling them at their Amazon store now. They did a limited restock last month and there is no word yet on when they are getting more, but they are working on it.

In the meantime, you can try the Trading Outlet.


i spoke to madcatz bout ordering sides and bezels for the te2 basically got fobbed off saying to keep checking amazon worst thing is they dont have any spares on the uk amazon site GUTTED in the end i sand blasted and painted the sides on my xbox te2 from red to metallic blue


I think Madcatz won’t admit that as a company as a whole is finished , done, out like yesturday’s paper. Once the rest of the sticks they have left for sale have all sold out , I think thats it .


I would hate to see this if true. I think I saw a MC tweet response about a month ago where they strongly implied that bezels etc. in different colors won’t be in stock until new sticks with those colors would be in production…

It’s starting to look pretty grim for MC and for us wanting to mod our new sticks with original parts and colors.


Saitek, which was a big part of MC’s portfolio, was just recently sold off to Logitech. Does that mean that Mad Catz is done? Perhaps not. Doesn’t look good though…


Mad Catz were ‘done’ as soon as they made that Rockband deal. What a fucking stupid thing to do.


Time to diy every TE & TE2 stick parts now


Welcome to Tech Talk, where all we do is DIY.

That is what I do when I buy a stick new, void that warranty and replace just about every part.
This was even back when the TE was still in circulation, I taken part sticks, dual-mod it,
swap out the buttons and joystick for what I feel are superior parts, perhaps drill some holes to accommodate a Neutrik or Switchcraft passthough
and even Replace the USB cable with something strong enough to tie down a wilderbeast (both Mad Catz and Hori uses really cheap ass USB cables).

I went as far as buy other peoples half way beaten up TE sticks before to scrounge for case parts.


Thanks !! That’s exactly why I post that @Darksakul I’ve made wooden side panels for my TE round one , but stuff like smoke translucent side panels is something I wish to to learn . I want to get rid of the white bezel & white home panel on my TE2 chun li stick and go black . I dont want to paint them but its starting to go that route. My TES chun li stick is about done, just need to get a brook inside.

I’m actually sitting on 12 fight sticks just because of this madcatz situation , but they are mostly VS sticks , 1 fight stick pro, 1 Omni & B15 sdm. I only have 1 TE2 stick