In need of tips for learning Boxer and Ryu. PLEASE HELP!

Im a huge fan of sf. problem is i always lose over xbox live. so, im thinking i should stat from scratch and reavaluate my characters. im very defensive when i play but im slowly breaking out of that habit. im having a good time using balrogboxer and id like to learn some tricks with the most balanced character Ryu. anyone who has any advice please help me. id like to pick up one more character and be tought some things with Boxer and Ryu. Contact me on xbox live. my live name is Urban Samuri47:xeye:


Kinda vague. Maybe just read up on the Balrog/Ryu forums or watch vids?

[media=youtube]r6cH2OMbhw8[/media] . He has a few more tutorials and does an excellent job at explaining the fundamentals.

why not check up char. specifics? watch videos?

see i would, but some things get to specific. and also i just want some people pointing me in the right direction. idk. going to grind through more txt.

If you don’t understand the terminology being used in the videos/tutorials read this first:

Before you start reading character combos and stuff make sure it’s not in some alien language to you, and keep practicing.

thanks bro this helped.