In need of Xbox360 common ground pcb


I need to get one of these in order to dual mod my TE fightstick.
Anyone have any ideas?


ask this guy


You’ll be looking for a Mad Catz controller then.
Word on the street is the SFIV fight pads are common ground.


Those will work, but they don’t sell them online. Put in your zip and see if any stores nearby have any. I drove 20 miles yesterday and picked up two of them to build my own custom stick. Otherwise, I would’ve purchased a pre-wired PCB from the guy linked in post #2.


If you’re just asking which to buy, this and this will work. If you end up getting a pointy handle controller, make sure that it says GameStop on the handle rather than MadCatz.


I got mine from eBay. Only place I could get one.


The Joytech Neo Se (rebranded Madcatz) controllers at my local walmart are common ground, and run around $25… Should be able to pick one up at just about any walmart.


I wish I would have seen this thread before buying one for $15 at GameCrazy!


they have the same pcb?
this one?



Question: The Late version MS pad has 2 grounds, from what I see: one for the triggers and other for every other button. You only need 6 buttons, so you’ll probably never use the triggers, so doesn’t this controller counts as having a common ground?


thanks, too bad theres only 1 on ebay and its so far $30 canadian, plus shipping 0.0


Google this “gamestop Live Retro”

Some reason the gamestop search doesnt work for shit but google will find it and let you enter your area code. I found 2 of them for $9.99 really close to me.


Might be a little hard finding a place that ships to canada, and no gamestop stores here


Thanks guys, gonna pick up a wired GameStop controller today.
Then I guess I will have to either figure this out on my own or wait for the tutorial on how to dual mod my TE fightstick.
I can work the buttons and directional part of the pcb, but its the power and the USB connector that has me a bit confused.

Thanks again


Yep, that’s the one I just picked up. It’s not 100% identical to the madcatz pcb that’s mapped out, but it is a common ground and extremely easy to solder to. Watch out for older ones, though, I’ve seen pcb shots of the earlier versions that weren’t common ground. If you’ve already got the package open but haven’t opened the controller, there’s a model number on the sticker on the back, 4716 is the newer common ground pcb, I forget the older model number but it’s like 6 digits.


cool thanks, guess my main option finding one on ebay, seeing how the gamestop ones seem rare and the arcade ones are like $40 plus shipping


From what you are stating, the following Joytech 360 controller is common ground and can be used to make a custom arcade stick. If so, I may be able to pick one up from local Wal-Mart.

Joytech Neo SE
Model#: 4716
Color: Dark Gray


I actually did a mod last night on a newer MS 360 controller. found that the face buttons, D-pad, start, back and guide shared a common ground. The LB and RB shared a common ground, and the LT and RT shared a common ground.


Given the choice between the Gamestop 4716 one and the MadCatz XBLA joystick (square PCB), which is easier to work with from a soldering standpoint? Trying to decide if it’s worth driving an hour to get the XBLA joystick. Can’t beat the 9.99 price tag.