In Over My Head In Games Sale Multiple Systems

Alright, I have multiple games for multiple systems. Prices include shipping. Check it out, and make offers. I prefer paypal.

VB Package ($70)
System with stand and charger. No boxes or manuals. Comes with Red Alarm, Mario Tennis, and Warioland (Games not pictured).

Carts only

Advance Wars 2 $20
Bomberman $12
Guilty Gear X Advance $12
River City Ransom EX $20
Duke Nukem Advance $20
Super Mario Advance (Super Mario 2) $12
Mario Kart Super Circuit $12

Complete w/box
Altered Beast ($15)

Super Mario Bros Deluxe (Gameboy Color) $10
Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past (Original Gameboy) $10

Nintendo DS
Brain Age $15
Lego Stars Wars 2 $10
Final Fantasy 3 $20

Dragon Ball Z $12
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror $10
PQ: Pratical Intelligence Quotient $10
Megaman Maverick Hunter X $15


Is FF3 for the DS with the box, manual and all that?

Yes, sorry I should have mentioned it. Check the pictures as well. All the DS Games are complete, as well as the PSP.

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