In portland for today

This is pretty short notice, but if there’s any chance at all of me maybe being able to get together with somebody to play some CvS2 today, it would be cool. Way short notice, I know, and it probably won’t happen, but hopefully somebody posts something xD! I might go to Lloyd Center today to play a bit, so hopefully some people are there.

If you drive you could come through here

a phone number to contact you would probably help.

my number is 541-441-6348. If anybody is still awake, I’m in Gresham at the moment. Maybe somebody lives around here that would play? XD


this dude will smash any y’all in smash/brawl/ def melee. And he’s been watching some cvs2 vids. he’s a quick Samlearner. Have fun:) Radiohead. DARE you to bet him in MELEE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !@ ! ! ! !ANYONE. . . I mean . . . uhh uhh

Does he play Cvs2 or Cvs2 EO? EO Mode won’t cut it in competitive play =)

yes, I’m a melee player. Brawl is a horrible game and should never be used for competition.

lol theo :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, yeah I play some cvs2, not eo, but i’m not great at the tech skill stuff yet. I’m still here in Gresham, though, so somebody call me to play!

Brawl with items is fun. :slight_smile: