In regards to the netcode


First impression: it’s shit. In a full-bar game, I’m still experiencing input lag that is worse than a four-bar connection in Street Fighter IV.


what connection are you running off of? It could also be the other persons connection…


10mb cable. I’m about to play in a yellow bar match (I think it’s a three or four bar match, they’re so small that it’s hard for me to make out), I’ll let you know how it turns out.


360 or PS3?

That sucks though. Hopefully that was just one fucked up match and not the norm.


i cant test it out here…i really hope the online doesn’t suck.


yeah, netcode seems baaad so far


Yellow bar match: unplayable for me. There was input lag, on top of hitching lag in general. The input lag isn’t as bad as, say, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, but this felt like I was playing someone from Japan on Street Fighter IV. It’s not pretty.


my sig has never been more relevant


So sad.


I’ve played four matches online total, with four random people, and unfortunately, all four matches have been pretty bad.

Now, if I recall correctly, BlazBlue’s netcode wasn’t the greatest at launch, either, and it was fixed via a patch relatively quickly after launch. From the interview with Shane, he mentioned that if there’s any issues, they could be resolved via patches, so at least not all hope is lost yet.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to everyone, especially if you were on the fence about the game, and just waiting to see how the netcode panned out.


hopefully they get on this shit blazblue style…a patch with the quickness


Similar to Garou and KOF98?
Or a little better at least


If the netcode is crap, I wont be picking this game up. SNK wont be getting a fucking dime from me until they fix their horrible online play.


I hate saying this, but it’s only a minor improvement from Garou and KOF98. The input lag isn’t as bad, but the hitching is very disconcerting.


Though it’s probably futile, i’m going to hold out a little hope. Not too many people have the game yet, so maybe when there are some more players, it’ll clear up a little. probably not, but I can hope…


I don’t own the game yet so I really have no say in anything, but could you tell us a bit about how the online system is setup?

Like for example can you see which country/continent your opponent is playing from?


Hmm I think they still need to refresh their servers. You guys are probably playing on the old servers. SInce July 28th is the Official release date.

Or at least I’m hoping


This makes just about zero sense.


i don’t think at the moment there’s enough people to judge the netcode
and besides they probably haven’t even set it up correctly yet since the game’s not supose to be out until tuesday


Going to try getting a copy today hopefully. I hope to god it’s not horrible cause I had high hopes for this games online :sad:.