In search for a 27 inch monitor for gaming


As the title suggest I am looking for a monitor larger than 23-24 inches. Don’t get me wrong I love the “Evo” monitors and all but I need something bigger than that. 27 inches is my cut off since any bigger will certainly break my bank. the monitors I have been looking at are these ones


Can anyone tell me if these two are JUST as good as the “Evo” monitors if not better? (I hope they are better since the text says they have a 1ms response time in comparison to evo’s 2ms.)


The first one is great in my opinion. I have two, one is dedicated for my ps2 with a component to vga converter, and if there is any lag left its extremely minimal; I actually use it for Melty because its a noticeable improvement over my other monitors and tvs (I don’t keep a crt around anymore). The other I use as my PC’s main monitor.

I heard somewhere here on tech talk that it has around half a frame, about the same as the “evo monitor”, not sure how reliable that info is though. Just going to mention that response time has virtually nothing to do with input lag, you can find a deeper explanation in the hdtv lag thread.

The one issue is some units have moderate light bleed(? Where the backlight is too bright around the edges, causing some color distortion on the edges). My first one had hardly any, second one is very noticeable.

Dunno anyhing about the second.

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i had my eye on this one


thanks! I’ll look into that thread. Can anyone recommend any other 27 inch monitors suitable?


If you got money to spend (but judging from your post probably not) buy the Dell U2711
Near zero lag and best color accuracy
well its THE best monitor available

theres the Dell U3011 but its not worth the $/performance ratio

also this might help you out:


lol well when I said breaking my bank I meant not like $1000 or anything but my budget is pretty good so long as I get a good monitor. So let’s just say I am opening to all monitor suggestions!


in that thread you linked me to the sceptre x270w seems to be the best 27 inch monitor in that list since it has the lowest input lag from all the ones in that list for that size. Am I right?


Yes. Best ask in that thread in the future, fyi.
All displays mentioned in the first post are all less than one frame, and playable.


thanks a lot for your input! I really like the way that Samsung looks so I was hoping someone would tell me if it’s good or not.


I meant in the other thread. Not this one. I don’t know about the Samsung, sorry for the confusion.