In search of a PCB for my ps1 Namco stick

I have a ps1 namco stick along with 2 TE’s, 2 TEs’s, an HRAP1, and the T6 special edition stick, 2 equipt with Cthulhu boards, 1 with a chimp for dual mod, the rest are stock (modded artwork and such no insides done) but I cant seem to find a pcb to put into my namco stick they are either sold out or vanished from the site entirely, I wasnted to do an MC cthulhu, or the ps360 board, I even considered the mayflash board due to its small size, what would u guys recommend for me? And where can I get one within the next 2 weeks?

You buy any Toodles product direct from Toodles.

I dunno why I didnt think of that -_- lol I was kinda hoping more for a ps360 board though, if all else fails i’ll have to hit up toodles

Within the next two weeks? MC Cthulhu can be ordered direct from Toodles as jdm says. If you need to have the 360 support then order a Datel ArcadePro stick and use the motherboard from that.

PS360 boards will be hard to find in two weeks unless you get lucky. If time wasn’t such an issue I’d strongly advise you to wait for the new PS360+ release.