In search of... Necro Avatar

Anything would be better than what i got so pm or somthing if you want me to choose pic i will but i prefure you to suprize : ) if ppl will do it

ya know, there are threads made by avatar makers, so you don’t have to make a thread just for 1 av, if that happened people would be spamming this forum. plus alot of people look down on this kind of approach.

A clear example is the A twelve avatar? thread below.

well thats the one that gave me the idea to make it but… i didnt look inside sorry

I’m not an av maker, but I’m just trying to prevent you from getting an ass raping and never getting an avatar again.

In before Gumz. . .I’ll do it. . .it’ll probably be in my av making thread when I post the next time there which will be tomorrow. . .I’ll be using a sprite if that’s ok. . .

I appologize and thank you for the heads up…

and that thread was even worst coz the dude changed it : )