In SF4 who has kara throws

Just like the title says, im not sure who has it and i cant tell the differnce online if its lag or if its legit kara throw. The only one i do know that has one are ken and akuma. Also could any one tell me their inputs for doing them. I use Balrog and im pretty sure he doesnt have one but i could be wrong

vega, gen, gouken, ryu, blanka i think

I think very few people have a kara throw worth using in SF4, but technically, everyone can do it. Ken’s is done with f+mk, and I would guess that Akuma’s is done with f+mp, but I might be wrong.

Ken and Vega have the 2 most commonly used ones, and the most useful ones.

The inputs for Kara throws are not universal, ken is F. mk then very quickly throw. Vega is st. Rh then throw.

Akuma’s is s.fp. Guile’s is close Ryu’s is s.rh. Ken’s is / f.rh both work. Many, many, many characters have kara throws, they just vary in use.

Acutally, Sakura has a Kara throw, but it’s barely noticable and it isn’t as effective like Ken’s, Akuma’s or Vega’s. If you do a + throw you can see slight movment towards the opponent, but again, Kara throw with Sak is useless.

Ryu’s kara throw (hk~lp+lk) is pretty useful. Walk in to throw, walk back slightly out of throw range to dodge their whiffed crouch tech, kara throw. Alex Valle demonstrated the technique in one of his tutorials. Chris Hu also said Daigo uses it a lot.

Gen can Kara off of almost all of his normals, haha.

Oh, so that was a kara throw that the dude online used against me. I was like, “Did Ryu just kara throw me? WTF?!”

I didn’t know all these other characters had kara throws. That’s very interesting.

gen’s back throw with kara mk during crane stance is insane

I’m pretty sure that viper has a pretty good kara-throw too. I was getting grabbed by one yesterday from a pretty decent distance…and I’m a kara-grab happy ken. It completely threw me off :crybaby:

Gouken, rk~jp+sk


About 90% of the cast have kara throws, basicly anyone with a normal that moves them forward… just the majority don’t have a normal that moves you far while it’s still in its warmup where it’s cancelable which are the only useful kara throws really.