In SSF4:AE, what exactly counts as an overhead?

I started playing SSF4 about 5 months ago but I’m still not sure what counts as an overhead?

In MvC3, everything that hits while you’re in the air counts as an overhead, but in SSF4 what are the exceptions? “Special moves” like dive kicks, or do those have certain height restrictions before they count as overheads?

It’s simply a move property. All normal moves in the air are overheads. (This leads to instant overheads if it’s fast enough to hit someone on the ground as you’re jumping up)

In addition, some command normals on the ground are overheads. However, most divekicks are not overheads (they would be too powerful otherwise) and can be blocked crouching. In AE, Akuma’s demon flip palm was an overhead, but it was changed in 2012 to be crouch blockable… So basically, for aerial special attacks, the only way to know whether a move is an overhead is to test it out (or check frame data).

There’s no “golden rule” for this sort of thing. I believe (There is room for error here) that all jumping normals hit high, but jumping specials usually do not. Also, I’m not a fan of the term “overhead”. It’s a little bit confusing. I prefer:

Hits High: Must be blocked standing
Hits mid: Can be blocked standing or crouching
Hits Low: Must be blocked crouching

Other definitions that include things like “high attacks which on crouchers, while overheads hit them” is needlessly overcomplicated and creates too many exceptions (a given move might whiff on a crouching Cammy but hit a crouching Zangief. Now what? :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you look at the Shoryuken Wiki for SSF4, you will see that unique moves/specials for each character that hit high or low are marked as such. Otherwise, it’s safe to assume that if your opponent is doing a jump normal, it also hits high.

not all jumping moves in mvc3 were OH. An easy way to see if it’s an OH is set the ai to all block and crouching. If the ai stands up to block then it must be blocked high.

tl;dr - Anything you can only block high