In SSFIV, do different stages have different lengths?


Question is the thread topic.
Im wondering because I know in ST Blankas stage was really wide and Vegas had practically no scrolling. Im wondering, because they all FEEL the same, but I just want to know if theres any stage where i can get an advantage by pushing them to the corner faster.


I bet if there was it would be the only stage you would ever see online

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uhm…most players i see like to zone so they wouldnt like a closer stage :slight_smile:


not sure. never really “measured” the different stages.


Ill do it myself, im sure they are the same but ive got an idea of how to measure them just in case. Thanks tho guys~


They’re the same.

I play Chun Li, she can juggle EX legs -> U1 from a certain distance from the corner, this is about one character length closer to the edge than the starting position on all stages.

It’s technically possible that there are some that are different, although I really doubt it, but it’s actually something I’ve gone and specifically tested on more than half the stages. Technically, I was testing what objects in the background you need to be standing in front of for the combo to work, but in all cases I based the spacing off of the starting location and then tested the combo (which worked).