In terms of stun bar who got the smallest to the biggest?

I know Akuma and Remy have the smallest stun bar but then has everyone else got the same size stun bar.

As I was playing with Ryu, I swear Dudeys one was bigger then Ryu’s and I meant stun bar, you sick freaks

akuma has the smallest stun bar :rofl: so small that 3 or 4 fierces from dudley or alex= stunned akuma. i think ibuki is next.

as far as the longest bars, i think alex, Q, and hugo are up there. and dudley’s stun bar is kinda long too.

:rofl: :rofl: hey you set yourself up for it, hahaha. but i think dudley has the largest stun bar.

Akuma and Remy have the shortest. they are the only 2 you can stun with Karakusa -> s. fierce x Abare -> dash -> Fukiage -> super jump up -> fierce.

the other Shotos have an average length gauge. Chun-Li and Urien fall in the average category as well.

Oro, Q, Hugo, Alex, Dudley (and Gill) have the longest.


It’s cause he’s black. Duh! :clap:

Sorry couldn’t help myself.

BOOOOOOOOOO~ oro has long stun bar , but he gain stun damage 15% more . he takes lots of damage and stun damage like sean

the way you quote for emphasis is very hilarious …
LOL can’t help it , it’s so funny …
i hope you get it what i’m saying :rofl: