In the beginning...

Everything starts from something, right? Well, Marvel is no exception.

Which character do you most often play on point and what is their safest intro (w/ or w/o assist of choice)?

Also, imagine this (though you likely won’t have to as it is no rarity). You are playing vs a Mag user. As the fight is about to start, you are aware that he has the quickest c. short in the game and he has Psylocke-aa backing it up. You decide you have a safe bet to simply jump back, call assist, and fend off the chase while mounting your own offense. So, you hold ub, ready to roll.

The match starts, you’re still holding ub, but to your surprise, Mag STILL catches you with his c.lkx2, Psy-aa assist. WTF?!? Any thoughts?

the jump back takes a couple frames

if youre trying to jump at start of match to dodge, just hold up then block

The game registers block before it does jump.

hey magnetro, am i correct here?

they’re saying when you SJ out of drones, yo ucan jump backwards, but my thing is that if you jump back, yo’ull just block again (aka suki cancelling). You need to jump up and then immediately block to protect yoruself in case you’re too slow… i was never able to jump back, beacuse i’ll just stand there when i sj cancel out of drones.

um its both sorta. if you time it correctly and you sj and hold up back (depending on who you are) you’ll eventually get a sj so you CAN jump up back but you enter block before you move up.

wow then, the timing for the two must be hella wtf? because I can’t seem to do that for SHIT.