In the end which characters do you think the community will choose for DLC character additions


I don’t mean who do you want, but who do you expect to be in the final 4 and the final 2 to actually be? Why do you expect them? Also who do you expect to get eliminated early?

I have this theory that generally, characters that were revealed later have a greater chance of getting further because the hype for these characters is more fresh. In particular, I see Molly and Issac probably making it to round 2 if not further. Especially Issac, in large part due to the hype Mike Z created around him (Mike is widely respected in the community by everyone), and the concept video we saw. I also anticipate Marie getting far, just because she’s quite iconic (boss character) and players who really enjoy the story mode believe her inclusion would bring a lot to the game. I anticipate Umbrella to get fairly far (at least 3rd round) because players have known about her for such a long time and imagined playing with her before. I think a similar case can be made about Panzerfaust. Stanely, like Issac, is a character that I can see making the top 8, because although he’s quite esoteric, the community saved him before and has grown attached to him.

Andy is a character I can see getting eliminated early on because most people don’t like playing characters with just punches (i.e. Dudley, Steve, etc.). Minette may get eliminated early because many players don’t like “cute” characters (or joke characters) and other cute characters like Umbrella and Annie seem much more popular. I anticipate Hubrecht to get eliminated early because he’s a grappler (generally unpopular in fighting games) and he has one of the shortest playstyle descriptions among all the characters so there is less to get excited about.

Guess for top four: Issac, Marie, Panzerfaust, Stanley


Marie, Eliza, Isaac


Final 4 would probably be Beowulf, Annie, Feng, and Isaac.


At first i thought…
Wahts the pont of this thread when we already have 2 concerning this…

But im bored so ill play along atleast:

I think b.dahlia has the strongest overall chance of making it far cause it seems that most ive heard about her is positive, and ive heard alot about her. Her design seems to piss off the least amount of people while still having a gameplay style that is under represented on the whole… With only 2 other cast members in skullgirls being designed with defensive play in mind.

After her i think panzerfaust is really popular, though his design seems to piss so,e off and many think why put in another big dude when we already have one coming.

After people seem to inexplicably like isaac… Maybe its because he is a black non stereotype character, maybe its because of the innovation of his time travel gameplay… Perhaps a bit of both… But he seems rather popular at least amongst vocal posters.

At this point though besides the aforementioned characters… I think its kind of a crapshoot as to who will make it far… It just depends on who happens to be voting. I think an easier to answer to question is who WONT go far cause people seem to me at least to be more vocal about who they dont like.

Personally my picks for who wont go far:

Ms victoria

I dont think many of those characters have much chance making it into final 4 of the first tournie. After the first tournie all bets are off cause the character that does make it has a chance of skewing things if its a quintessential rushdown or a straight defense or a big guy… It makes certain other characters chances to come up more likely… Ie if a rushdown character is selected it makes a defensive character more likely to get higher or win in the second tournie and vice versa so on and such and such.


I think in the end we have too many fuckin threads about potential characters.
Scythana wins everyone can go home.


Marie, Stanley, Dahlia, + X.


I think Umbrella will go far because a lot of the revealed story seems to be waiting for her. Something to do with her mother getting skullheart while pregnant? Otherwise I see lots of posts supporting Isaac, taliesin, Molly, Eliza, scythana, Marie, Annie, Feng and Panz. I bet all make it next round. As for 8 that get knocked out? Samson, Hive, Hubrecht, Regina, Ottomo, yu-wan, ileum, Beatrix. I’m sure that if mikeZ makes more character examples it would sway the vote- especially to show the playstyle Aeon has would convince people to choose someone else


He’s not gonna make a build for Aeon though because he doesn’t want her to be playable in the first place. Mike wants Aeon to stay as a boss characters so she can actually be really cool.


From what I’ve seen Feng, Eliza,Venus, Isaac and Beowulf appear to be the strongest contenders for the DLC character spots.


Isaac, Eliza, Dahlia, Feng, Marie, Panzerfaust and Stanley seem to be the most popular


Placing bets on panzerfaust and annie


I think Dahlia will for sure be in the game.


I secretly want Black Dahlia and Juju (who isn’t even on the list) to make it into the game so I can play Team Zoning. But I didn’t even vote for them.


None that I voted for, lol.


Feng, panzerfaust, Stanley, Minette, eliza, Beowulf, and Talesin seem to be the most popular at the moment.


Eliza, Isaac, Beowulf, Annie are the most popular it seems.


Top 3: Annie and Eliza followed by Stanley, Isaac, or venus.

Annie fills so many tropes, fetishes, and playstyles: Magical girl, loli, furries(Sangan), guros (the eyeball in sangan), tough girl, bad arse (idgaf), jojo stands, sol badguy

Eliza is arguably one of the hottest and most powerful candidates: gmilf, guros, egyptian theme, scythe, gameplay based on blood(sand), inspired by jedah.

It’s a tossup between the other three imo

Stanley is an underdog, but if he makes it past the first round a lot of people will looj into our little science shark. He practically represents our community

Isaac is one of the cooler looking characters and has a very unique gameplay design that people are getting pretty hype over

Venus is Also hot and fills just as many tropes and desires as Annie. She also has interesting gameplay concepts albiet not the most unique

Overall, I expect Annie to win the first poll. Venus, Isaac, or Eliza will probably win the second one. Stanleys votes will be high enough on both polls that whenever we get properly funded DLC or a new game that he’d be one of the first characters to get in.

My personal hopes are that Annie, Eliza, D.Violet, or Venus(roughly in that order) win. However, I’d be fine if Isaac, Beatrix, Regina, or Taliesin get in…I’m not holding my breath on the last three -_-


The characters that I expect to win include:
Black Dhalia

In no particular order. I’m extremely partial toward the science shark myself.


how is annie a furry thing? it’s actually Sagan; like Carl Sagan. Ann Druyan was married to Carl Sagan and contributed to Cosmos on pbs; thus the star theme


Stanley. Who doesnt want to play as a science shark. Seriously…