In the Lab...X_Sword Thread


Thanx a ton pal! i’ll post more when I can!


Damn, it’s been a while. I quite happy with how this year has been going art wise and hopefully I will learn to sprite and animate this year with the problem city coming out as well. This will be the last I update with an image on a post, but I will post on my first message all the updates and stuff. I will be doing bi-weekly fighting game characters, so to start off:


Damn… It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I have a new sketchbook that I’m willing to share some conceptsand sketchbook scraps to the public. I had a few street fighter Ideas too so watch out for those

My main sketchbook Characters Astro Red and Vishnu Delacroix

Hawkgirl in tribute to Injustice [NSFW]


Here are some WIP’s that i’m going to be coloring up soon. All are SF based



Rose Alternate Costume

Any critiques are welcome. If you have any suggestions on color schem please drop a gem or two


I resized some of the past posts here so it’d be easier to view it without killing your pc lol.

Cyber–Akuma this time:


That’s a pretty badass Akuma. Really dig the detail and especially the coloring style. There is something very appealing about it.

That Raiden/Terminator-like eye glow was a great touch.


thanks sir. He’s from Marvel vs Street Fighter as a boss, in arcades.Had fun with that sketch!


Sorry for double post, I tried to quick color an Oro sketch(possibly posted earlier).


That Oro looks awesome and the background fits really well. Great work on the items!

I really do hate that super though, one guy used to really kick my ass with it back in the day :confused:


You arent the only who hates that setup XD. people who play Oro take a good grip of damage with that super. The loop is frustrating lol


cool pics. good to see your art again


Sup folks. I thought I’d commit to a sketch jamboree with some random pages of my sketch pads from my break from this thread, but I’ll do that in another post. Here is a pencil sketch of an Alternate strider costume


A landscape study and a freestyle speed paint:


Heres a sketchbook vid filmed in a library. Some of the pages I’ve quickly flipped through so if you missed something just pause it for a while and check out the image


Random pencil sketches:



Looooong time no see warriors. Idk if people still touch the fan art gallery. I haven’t been on this site for ages, but i’ll update it when i’m lurkin’ or somethin. Here’s a sketch of Jin, blodia boy:


Here is a sketch of Min-Min from Arms. 'Was a fun one:


Here’s a sketch of Katarina from Tekken 7


Zeku sketch