In the PC version of SF4, is there a way to remove a character?


To anyone,

In the PC version, is there a way to remove any character, once you have unlocked them all? Like, say I get tired of just seeing Guile, or Cammy… Can I remove them some way and just keep the rest? Remove them from the roster all together?

If there is a way to make them useable by certain unlockable coded triggers, then, in theory, could removing them be possible??

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Has anyone else considered this, or maybe attempted anything like this?


Why would you want this? I mean, what’s the point? It’s not like you won’t be able to meet people using them online or something like that (unlees you remove their files, in which case it will probably just crash when loading the match).


Thanks for your response!
Well, It’s a personal conviction. That is one of the reasons I like the PC version. I can change different aspects of the game. I am not trying to trip on, or please, everyone. It’s just me.

Oh, and I won’t be playing the PC version on line!


That’s odd things to say on a competitive forum. You won’t get any fighting experience against Rose.

Seems it’s some sort of religious thing… How do you stand Ryus “chi” powers, the “demon” Akuma or Bison moving his soul between cloned bodies? :rofl:
A fortune teller seems pretty harmless in comparison… Then again, I guess I could never understand.


My competitiveness doesn’t diminish. The funny thing is, I still am fiercely competitive with them all. I have had plenty of fight experience with Rose! But she is just an example. I agree about the Bison thing, etc.

(This is not the start of a religious debate, mind you!!! Haha!)

That is why the PC version is so appealing, because it can be tweaked to your liking.

Plus I enjoy legal modding, and computer programming. That’s why it seems plausible to me, for the PC version at least. I am just checking to see if anyone has stumbled across that part yet.

I so want to see the code for it! I am glad the PC version is for purchase, so I can get into it!


If it makes you feel better it looks like Bison kills Rose at the end of the game so that probably makes you feel a whole lot better. Suffer not a witch to live I always say. :rolleyes: Fucking ridiculous.


This may be of interest to you.

Also, make sure to home school your child and keep his social interaction with ‘outsiders’ to a minimum. The world is a scary place, etc. etc.

My parents bought me some of these titles for the NES back in the day. Maybe you can find something similar for modern consoles.


(I went back and edited my older posts - the responses to the poster Yin - to avoid any strife… That is not my desire.)

In all humility, I just want to know where to start (what folder, etc.), if it is at all feasible!


Let me know when you remove Gief and Sagat from the game.


Wouldn’t that be a wonderful day? lol


It is probably the same process people use to unlock all the characters without touching Arcade Mode (Cheat Engine), only you will be changing values back to 0 instead of 1.

Alternatively, you could simply hexedit Rose and change her moveset and models to someone else’s. It wouldn’t look perfect but it would effectively remove Rose from the game.


For Kyle,
Those (‘may be of interest…’) are cool. Thanks.
And to The Bible Game - Haha! I never played those! (Wasn’t there a Noah one, too??) They were great for concept, just needed more work done to them, in my opinion (I enjoyed the real Bible better. I believe in convictions for concepts, but the quality of the product better be on point too!!)
Actually, Mario Bros. 2 was my favorite! And SF.


I never thought of the cheat engine way as possible. Thanks for the suggestions.