In this thread: List reasons why a stick should be used in MvC3




I can think of a couple for why this thread is probably going to be locked/deleted :wink:


If you play Zero+Magneto on the same team, having two 1 button dashes+button for holding charge takes a bit too much space, but the only reason to get a stick is preference, its not some magical tool that makes you leagues better


I can give you 1 reason.


Just look at people like Fanatiq and Mihe, both have great execution; both pad players.


Don’t forget MastaCJ

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I play pad for all other games except UMVC3. I don’t think it matters. Shit is preference and what you grew up getting used to. Oh yeah, except I play keyboard for emulators lol.


End thread.


Pad allows slight reaction advantage, as it is essentially button pressing to start your motion. most sticks have a huge distance you must move them to start your motion.

Stick is better overall in performing gymnastic movements like in marvel combos. better as in easier. Just like you find writing in print harder than cursive.

The common button layout on stick also beats the default pads by miles, so this is where most of the benefit is gotten. Lots of room to put your hand and spread your fingers.

I haven’t used it but it sounds like hitbox combines the best of all and would be theoretically best. latiffe actually discusses this topic in one of the wakeup srk’s when he was a guest. somewhere around episode 70-80? he has played both extensively and argued essentially what I wrote.


Fighting game motions are more naturally performed by your wrist than your thumb.
Fighting games are made by their developers to be played on a stick.
It’s possible to play on pad, but that’s making things harder for your hands.
If you’re already used to it, then good for you, but if you’re just getting started, you will be thankful with yourself a couple years from now if you get used to playing in a fightstick.


Thanks guys, feeling better with my decision to stay on pad.

I bought an Eightarc ($200) for AE and Marvel before I got into them, and I can see why it’d help in AE (although it has yet to, because I’m not good with it yet), but trying it with Marvel was appalling.

/story time


I don’t want a blister on my thumb anymore. I go stickless.


I prefer playing with a steering wheel. When I spin the wheel, it performs a footdive.


I’m a pad player and the only practical advantage I see in switching to a stick is that you’ll also be able to play on arcades (I don’t know any arcades you could use a pad with, if there are then it will literally only come down to preference)


If you play Zero, Vergil, Viper or any other character that requires button holding that I might be forgetting, button switching is significantly easier on an arcade stick.
If you play Taskmaster, doing his different versions of Legion Arrow is significantly easier on an arcade stick.
If you play a character with IAD pressure, you may need to use different combinations of buttons to dash and then attack. If you use a pad, you may have to assign multiple macros which may be difficult or inconvenient. The same problem doesn’t exist on a stick.
If your arcade stick has an octagonal gate (which it should, because octagonal gates are the best) then DP motions theoretically should be easier on a stick than on pad.
Stuff like plinking is much easier on a stick.

That’s all I can think of.


Yeah, the stick I got has a square gate :\ I find DP motions so hard on it, especially since MVC3 doesn’t have shortcuts


keep in mind you don’t have to ride the edges of the gate when doing motions.
just knowing that helped me out a lot when i was first learning stick, even though i didn’t actually do anything differently