In which situations should I apply Vega's command grab?



I never played a character with command grabs before (I mean, Vega’s Wall Dive+Izuna Drop doesn’t count) so this is one tool in his arsenal that still eludes me. When should I use it? Watching grapplers it seems they forcefully put their opponent on block and then do the command grab, but I’m not sure how exactly should I do something like this and in which situations would that be preferred over other offensive strategies.

Any tips?


Assuming you’re playing clawless to begin with - you always have it at your disposal on knockdown (mainly from sweeps or ex roll/ex barcelona). When you use it depends on your opponent. If you notice they like to jump a lot between blockstrings…then it’s probably not a good idea to use it at all.

I actually just played a scrubby PLATINUM Karin who was literally just holding up whether he was getting hit or blocking. So I stopped using it and only brought it out very rarely. Higher level players will probably use the jump-tech OS - so a meaty command grab will work in theory. But it’s a big gamble cos if they neutral jump - they can effectively end the round. So you have to look at how much health you have and if u can take the risk.

I have a vid on my channel about his command grab - it may help (look below).


I usually save it for a late round so the opponent doesnt see it. Then Ill mix it up to keep them guessing. When I started trying using it exclusively, it was not working out. Dont rely on it. Just make it part of your mixup.


I agree with that. Your opponent has to think “he doesn’t use it much” so you have to show them you can win without the grab.


I never use it as it is because I’m insecure so that won’t be too difficult lol

But af0 I’ll definitely check your video later. So your suggestion to summarize is that it’s a risky move, but it improves the mix up and so I should make the effort to incorporate in my strategies. Is that right?


It could also be used after you crush counter a DP with st. HK.


But you’re better off going for a combo after for more damage. The damage off GID is pretty bare.


I also learned a little setup in which you can surprise people with it.


You want a good GID setup? Walk up GID

One thing I realized while playing at EVO is just how strong a command grab character having the fastest walkspeed in the game is. I command throw more than any Vega I see now. I got people pretty consistently by staggering crouching jabs, stand strong, crouch jab > crouch strong blockstrings, low forwards or something else and then walking up to light or EX GID. Or connecting with a normal then dashing forward to GID. Everything looks like a frame trap until you’re watching the command grab animation. Find out how stubborn they are. People who want to mash on buttons you can stagger and shimmy to oblivion. When they realize that it’s not going to get them anywhere then you have your command grab. People want to start jumping? You’ll knock them out of the air. Then you probably could command grab them right there. People don’t like to jump after they get punished for jumping out of a command grab setup. If you walk forward while someone’s trying to cross you up and it whiffs, you can crouch jab to anti air them before they hit the ground, walk up, command grab.

Point blank low forward leaves you at the perfect range for light or EX, and also leads to a counter hit setup with a two-frame frame trap (crouching jab > stand strong). Anti-airing with Crouching Fierce often leaves them in range for it. You can always bust out a dash forward command grab after FBA if you train people to keep blocking afterwards.

Vega has a bunch of follow ups after command grab. I learned a lot from af0 and Flash. Once they block everything? Dash up command throw. It’s honestly not easy to react while you’re making a read at the same time.

It’s a good conditioning tool. I also tend to stay in Claw stance so it makes the mixups/rhythm that much harder to see. And just remember that you don’t need to GID every player. Some of them it just won’t work on. They’re buttonsy, their reactions are absolutely godlike. That’s okay though. It’s not like Vega can’t pressure them without it.

Vega really shouldn’t have this tool, but he does.


C’mon McCoy, he’d be dry without it.

Ex-Gid on characters without a three frame normal is huge. When you’re close to them at +2 they’re in trouble. Setups for days.


Yeah I’ve been trying to implement it more often and so far walk up GID seems to be the only one that works, and even that doesn’t have a high success ratio. Examples of things that screw me up: players mashing jab whenever they are not blocking, and players who realize my walk up and react with a regular throw, which comes out faster than GID. :confused:


Yeah, Vega so overpowered!a Command throw that deals 150 damage and no OKI?holy crap!pls nerf.


I’m exaggerating. It’s super strong is what I’m saying.