In yor opinion, is the TE fightstick overpriced?


I ask because you fellas know a lot about fighting sticks. I oredered the HRAP 3 but will return it as soon as I get it - more TE fightsticks were annouanced (source : )

But I have also realized that I’ll be paying 50 extra for this baby.

What do you guys think? TE overpriced? y/n and why


not at all, considering the parts and build quality they poured in it.


Nope. I have a HRAP EX, and I’m still looking at the TE.


No, $150 for all 100% sanwa parts + a nice cabinet is actually cheap compare to some nice customs you see here (rare wood customs are $200+ starting).


No. Close thread.


another te overpriced thread ?

compared to other sticks its not overpriced …


To get a decent cabinet, SANWA sticks, buttons, XBox compatibility (a license fee and small chip from M$), little bells and whistle - I actually find it to be a bargain. I mean add a wireless option and I would pay $180 easily for it.
You can probably make your own comparative stick but the time, tax and shipping you spent you pretty much are paying for around the same price. And at least you have a 90day warranty with the TE.


No it’s a pretty good deal for what you get. I’m building my own for around $100 total with the same Sanwa parts. I would probably just buy the TE if I didn’t have to wait until April, but since it’s so backordered I’m building my own.


Most reviews are saying the TE stick is now the best one on the market (stock ofcourse).


Not at all, I bought 4 for 650 and sold 3 of em for over $900. I’m keeping one for myself because I like it so much. Now, there are many people who think this stick is valued at a much higher price than your average shoryuken member who has seen it all, including hraps and blah blah blah.


NO. worthless thread just like the other one.


not this again…


No, I dont think so if you consider the parts.
the parts, without the box is atleast 80 dollars. You dont have to sacrifice gamepad and and put labor into it.


in my opinion, its perfectly priced. nowadays you wouldve thought that the limited run would “warrant” a $200+ price tag. good thing they didnt do something crazy like that…


Believe me: 150 smackers is cheap compared to a custom and you can mod it without even proper tools for pete’s sake… it’s actually a deal at this price if you can actually FIND it (and for 150).

Take from a proud owner. It’s awesome.


ya i could easily sell mine for $350. However I am deciding to keep it and mod it, so the very small imperfections I see with the joystick will be solved. It is the most comfortable joystick ive ever played on thats for sure.


I would say it’s not over priced at $150 since it’s a great stick with great arcade parts (sanwa) and for that reason I have one I use every day and I have another one still in it’s box in my closet just in case one dies I have an extra one for a back up.