In your opinion do you think fighting games are the hardest genre to pull off?

I mean we see tons of good action, fps and other types of games each year brand new series and they turn out great. However we almost never see great brand new fighters somthing like a tobal no1
is very rare. Also it seems it would be impossible for a new fighting game to come out and and just be better than all the top fighters now. In fact to me I have only seen that happen once and that was when samurai showdown first came out. What are your feelings on this?

Honestly, no I dont think fighting is the hardest genre to pull off. In the case of Fighters you have 1 thing to worry about gameplay. I feel that it is harder to make a decent RPGs as you have to worry about charecter design,music and story more than you would in any other genre.

I don’t think it’s a particularly hard genre to pull off.

I think it’s particularly difficult to pull off a 2D game, IN GENERAL. 3D fighters usually do very good… SC2, DOA3/U… VF4 is different, but some of the non-hardcore group at work used to play VF4 religiously before I got there… the bastards, they stopped playing :frowning:

2D is not accepted anymore outside Japan except by the nostalgic or the very hardcore. People want snazzy graphics, not 2D sprites. 2D looks ancient to them. In a certain way it is, but it’s mostly an artform. 3D is overrated to me, simply because everyone does everything in 3D “just because we can”. Certain games get zero benefit from being 3D… Look at RTSs; Dawn of War, for example (a game I play almost every day) has nice sounding 3D features, but NOBODY EVER USES THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTHLESS. Who cares if you can zoom in on the battlefield; you need the largest view possible to control your stuff, not see the insigna on your Space Marine’s gun.

I have to agree it seems that it would take and assload of work to pull off a good rpg but i’m not saying that fighters are the easiest because nothing can be easier than a sports game because you already have all the characters and arenas and all that good shit

Well what about this senario: Ninja Gaiden came out last year was nearly perfect never would of thought a brand new game series on ps2 would give it a run or even be better but then god of war came out and mudered it?
Now what are the chances of a new fighting game series coming out this year or next year and mudering t5 vfft or 3s. . . didnt think so reread my post man “throw arms in the air from frustation”

Seriously name me one brand new fighting game series that came out and was better than every other fighting game serious at the time besides street fighter 2 ww or samurai showdown. . . . . Oh wait you can’t.

damn am i the only one that feels like this?

Guilty Gear X2.

You are a douchebag, tobal no 1 sucks dragonballz.

No they can’t

Virtua Fighter

You are a douchebag, tobal no 1 sucks dragonballz.

Everybody knows tobal was good you diss me then agree with me how about you suck my dragonballz

SF2WW came out in 1991, SS and VF didn’t come out untill 1993.

It was still better then any series at the time which was the point to the question.

no. example Mortal Kombat series.

So your saying virtua fighter was better than SS2, and ST
No I dont think so it was good but it did not get great until vf2 everyone knows that

Well, it did introduce new gameplay mechanics. And it was the first 3D fighter pulled off correctly. Its just that Virtua Fighter never really had such a big fanbase in America.

Hell you can even mention Tekken 1. It came out in 1995 but it sure as hell gave SF a run for its money.

Okay I’ll agree with that but still that’s only four fighters sfww, ss,tekken, vf that set the standard over what 15 years it’s sad man
what the hell have the developers been doing all this time I think they need to take a new aproach to designing making fighting game that why I made this thread, not to start anything but you guys never really talk about fighting design a real topic, all I hear is jwong is the man or diago is the truth etc. . . . .

Soul Edge
Soul Calibur
Tekken 5 right now
GG XX Reload
VF 4

What more do you need.

Yes I agree but these were not new fighting series by new developers they are all establshed sequels if you would of read my orignal post you would understand.

Actually Soul Edge was and in the example your using neither is SF II because SF came out first.

Not to mention does it really matter, those are just a small list of quality fighting games available right now.

They are not even close to the hardest genre to make, the hardest thing about a fighting game is making it balanced.