In your Opinion, what is the best groove overall?

I would just like to know what groove is most popular among people.
I beleive that K groove is the best of them all, its cool cause you can get multiple Level 3s in one match and not to mention that your hits become alot more stronger when your in rage mode.

K is nice, but if you’re about to die and you have no meter, you’re screwed. You are also screwed if someone starts an A custom and chips you to death.

I would have to say that the best overall groove, all things conisidered, is C. You always have meter, you can get out of messy situations with a counter attack, have airblocking which is handy in a pinch, and super cancelling into supers can pack just as good as a punch as most raged level 3s sometimes. Rolling and roll cancelling is in there too.

An argument could be made for N-Groove, too. In every other groove, you’re usually missing something that would make it more complete, but N has a solution to every problem that fighting against other grooves hits you with. And hey, you get a nice attack boost when you break a stock in N, so it’s sort of like K as well.

imo, C groove. I’d say K is the best but it loses pretty badly to A groove. all grooves have an advantage over other groove

C groove has an advantage to A and N groove.
A groove has an advantage over K and P.
P groove has an advantage over C.
S groove has an advantage over P.
N groove has an advantage over A and P.
K groove has an advantage over all grooves except A.

thats all my opinion tho. discuss.

K and A are up there but i never really knew why K is so good nowadayz


C A K are the 3 most commonly used grooves I see (competitively, not some random player that has no clue to teh game choosing a random groove)

I play K and its pretty decent to play this groove, this groove makes you get your basics and combos down, then youad dthe threat of super into your game play, its good for starting out for basics (since you have nothing but Run, Safe fall, and low jump)

I play C as a secondary groove, and L2 cancels are fun to do, but thats an advanced tactic, not a beginner tactic, this groove is good for learning super oppertunities and comboes into Supers

I dont play A, no comment on it

A, K, C, N, P, S

A really is just full of advatages, with no big downfalls. CC is the second fastest building meter, tied with N which only gets a lvl3 which is far worse than a custom. Only C can build a lvl2 faster than it and a C cancels without into lvl1 is no match for most CC’s. You pretty much always have meter unlike K which can build the fastest but not consistenly, so you are more likely to have CC when you need it than Rage. You can sit on meter. You have roll and roll-cancel. You also have Alpha counters to keep momentum. Really the only thing you lack is run and small jump. With the threat of a CC activation jump-in’s become easier and Run is nowhere near necessary. Besides A is run-away groove ;).

All the other Grooves have advatages/disadvantages and even some of the more balanced ones like C and N just aren’t as efficient at what they do as A is. K would take the cake is A groove wasn’t there…

By the way I’m not biased, I don’t play A as my main groove.

Watch out for N though, it’s on the up and up in Japan… Counter-Movement >>> Alpha Counter.

N Groove is the best groove but one of the harder grooves to play. There are just so may options to do so many things and you can play any style you want in N.

C is the best. level 3’s any time, level 2 cancels, counterattack, tactical recovery, air block, roll cancels, etc.

A is not much worse if you maximize it’s potential.

i love/hate when someone asks questions like this. there really isn’t an easy answer. bottom line, there isn’t a best groove. there’s only the groove that a player can play best. all grooves have advantages over others, so trying to decide what’s best is impossibe. and we all know player skill is the biggest factor of all.

imo, best overall would have to be k because it gives great matchups to all grooves but a. but even then only a sak is a real problem. her custom is too much for k mortals.

p is the best for me,I hate the Cvs2 gane engine,so p-groove sets the match a little more to my style,i just wish it had the super cancels it should,youd have like free damage tacked on to specials,like sagat into lv3

I like K and C, in that order. I’m still learning more and more all the time.

K-groove is the best groove! But I don’t know why… :rolleyes:

there is no best groove, only your favorite one.
over time, i have realised that i cant play roll grooves.

so right there, IMO C, A, N are way down there

second of all, i prefer P over K, because P has more advantage on a parry then on a JD, even tho K has Run, i dont need it to rush down.[fact]

so now we have P over K

and finaly S, my Fav groove, emphesis on “MY FAV” and not THE BEST, i just think dodging will kick your ass…two times…:stuck_out_tongue:

so to conclude, its not about the groove, its about the mofo choosing it. thats all, doesnt matter what you pick, you wana stay safe and JD, htne do it!!, because this is waht you do, and your comfortable with that, i cant roll, so im all S[S for Sexy:lol:].
but thats who i am. I wont tell you that A is th ebest groove because it charges meter for free and CC can go up to 9000[sak. come to mind] becaus its not true, cuz you cant pull your shit and make it to 9000, or maybe only to 2000, then thats not your groove.

you see, its in the name: "GROOVE"
have you ever read the poem about dancing to a diffrent drummer?

well find your beat and dance to it.

[if you still didnt get it, replace beat by groove n0oB]

I can’t stand people who say N groove is the best groove. Because players in Japan use N groove now!

But wait! A groove is still in the game…

(No offense intended to any person in particular, by the way)

IMO A is the best groove in the game. My personal tiering is:

A, K, C, P, N, S

Anyway, it’s crazy the number of ways you can set up CCs. Bison for example has j.mpX2 and scissor kicks. Blanka just needs to connect with an RC fierce electricity and BAM it’s a free CC. Every character in the game has a viable CC; this makes up for characters with weaker supers. Anyway, storing super and turtling gets ridiculous.

If we were playing theory fighter, obviously P-groove would be the best groove in the game but not enough people played it for long enough to master it.

so then wouldnt P be the best groove scince you can master it and parry EVERYTHING even CC!!!

its crazy what theory fighter does to you…stupid crap.
in theory JFK got shot by 3 ppl consecutively but received 4 bullets in 4 diffrent directions. for theory, they called it the “magic bullet” that curved and kept velocity through and through his body and that other guy with him’s wrist.

stupid theory.

A groove is still in the game but… what if i blocked and couterd your guard crush…hmmm… damn!!!

A isnt so srtong unlesse the player was good…UNLESS THE PLAYER WAS GOOD!!!

let me break this shit down.

i could say this----[ cuz no one ever said " ill just block!" and you can and thats not bad]

C- C is quite basic, but has no spin to it, its just a meter groove, and meter alone dont cut it.

A- A is over rated really, what if i block your CC cuz you know you cant always set up a CC and then a throuw a counter at you?

P- P is 50/50 gamble on how much you trust you can get out of a tight spot by parry’ing, can i relly parry out of this raging storm? well you better try a five hit wonder and be champ and follow trough for 1/8th of the damage, or try to parry but fail and get your self a new one.

S- S can be so stupid, why would i dodge when i can roll, and manuel charging is so hard, you get thrown out of it. its just not leveling with the rolling.

N- N is hard, you get it all in a super package in N, but once again, 3 level 1’s no level2 cancels(shame really) and you only got 30 seconds for a level 3.

K- K is special, you get a few level 3 in a game, but damn, you only got 30 seconds for it, and no body gives dip shit for JD.

or this----

C- C is a good strong groove, air block can be a big pain, roll canceling a level 2 cancel can get this groove to the top.

A- A has the most damaging supers of the game, all you got to do is learn how to set up! and the prize is yours!

P- P is very strong, a parry can get you the game, but you have to remember that its not always about the parry, you cant parry eveerything, by remembering that, it could mean the game.

S- S is the most difficult groove to master, witch is why it is ranked lowest byt most every body. but knowing when to dodge is like knowing when to parry, its almost a guessing game but mixed with a mind game as well. a well timed dodge can follow up a very meaty attack or a hard and powerfull move such as 360 grabs. not to mention the infinit level ones you get at red bar, just be careful not to take a low life character.

N- N really has it all, counter, roll, run, low jump,3 level 1’s, a extra damage time, leading to a level3, and that other thing that i cant remeber, mastering this is trully all that!.

K- K, all powerfull K. you get a bar in no time, instant red bar, extra damage with a few level 3’s in a single round. not to mention JD witch is th safest thing ever, not to mention JD"ing makes you recover life also.

so thats that c ya

You don’t do stupid stuff like say grooves are harder or if people are worse players or shit like that. Even if somebody could Parry EVERYTHING on reaction they could still be beat by good pixups with throws. Read my previous post. A is the best. K is close second, but A can do so much more. As a sidenote Pain almost had the exact same opinion as me which could be saying something. CC = Game. Whoever said blocked CC = You lose is a noob. CC’s are SO easy to setup with people like Sak and Bison its ridiculous. The only time a CC gets blocked is if it was INTENDED (Hibiki anyone?) because it could still do 6k dmg for the kill, or the player screwed up. Even if blocked by your fault, which shouldn’t happen anyway, the meter builds QUITE fast. Burghy hit it right on the head too.

@ Hoaxe -
Of course there is a best groove. It doesn’t mean you have to play it but there is always going to be a best something or other. It’s too hard to make 6 grooves completely balanced for every character and every character even unlee you only have one groove and one character which would be SHIT. There is always going to be the better something, it just doesn’t mea you have to use it. Like I said A is best but I don’t use it as my main.

Hi hoaxe.

Did you notice something about good A groove characters, compared to less good A groove characters?

They have guaranteed CC setups so you’ll never be caught having a CC blocked (if you don’t suck)

Bison - scissors kick, jump MP x 2
Sakura - anything into st lp
Blanka - RC electricity

As opposed to… Rolento! He has no guaranteed CC setups. This means he isn’t as good as the above.

So the main ‘weakness’ of A groove… doesn’t exist. With guaranteed CCs, it’s like being permanently raged! Or even more, since a CC will do more than a level 3 super oftentimes.

Granted, you have to be really good to be able to CC off Blanka’s electricity every time. But it’s possible, unlike theory fighter P groove.

Edit: sort of like saying ‘Cammy sucks because her level 3 spin dive smasher is punishable if blocked!’ Show me someone who does random Cammy spin dive smasher, and I’ll show you someone who does random blocked CCs…

I think it just depends on the player. Its just like a tier issue.