Inb4 'Use who you want'

I’m not that good at Street Fighter, but I do know some basics.

I know that Cammy is a rushdown character. And I love to rush shit down.

I feel I need a character who is more turtly/projectiley for a secondary.

Suggestions? I was thinking Akuma.

Akuma is terrible for turtling IMO because he takes it like an anorexic schoolgirl. I would recommend someone with a high defense in the event that your turtling should fail. Trust me when you switch from one playstyle to another there is going to be plenty of trial and error.

Yes, but Air Fireballs are so tempting.

Ryu. He can take a couple hits unlike Akuma and Cammy and he has what you want.

Akuma has a wealth of options that you MUST learn to apply. Ryu is simpler. And air FBs will get you killed. If you don’t know how to use them anyway.

Ryu/Sagat/Dee Jay/Guile would all probably cater to your interests for sure.

I don’t like Ryu and Sagat due to the… overuse.

Guile, improved alot (especially at projectiles) and is all man.

And Dee Jay… very tempting. I think he’s epic. Drew a picture of him on a train today.

Which one does best VS Zangief? It’s Cammy’s worst MU, that I know of.

Not using a character because of “overuse” is the worst reason not to pick a character.

Yeah, but I’m just that kind of guy who likes to be different.

I also don’t like using the top 2 characters in a fighting game.

There’s plenty of doofuses who try to be different and avoid picking shotos.

I like Ken. I like Dan. I like Sakura. I like Akuma.

I just don’t like Ryu.

I find it pretty boring that almost all the ranked matches I ever play are Ryu and they all play the same. Sure…they kick my butt and I don’t mind that but it gets very repetitive. Then again I am that guy who plays everyone in player matches. Funnily enough, I love Ryu… haha.

That’s me! I still use Ken though.

I’d say Guile for turtling. His hunchback-like posture reminds me of a turtle.

Last post i’m making here because I don’t want to seem offensive…

But yeah, if you ever want to get good at fighting games, don’t be this guy. There’s about 100,000 other people using shitty characters because they want to be different. Use the character you feel fits your style and does the job best. Don’t worry about what other people think. Sagat was probably one of the hardest characters to use in Vanilla SF4. You want to be different? Use Sagat well.

Turns out Akuma evens out Cammy’s bad matchups pretty nicely.

I might just use him as a secondary until I get good enough with Cammy to use her only.

Also Desi, you’ve got me all wrong. I don’t use bad characters to be different, I just hate using the best.

The first thing you should clarify for us (and yourself if you haven’t already!) is: why do you want a secondary? This is an honest question and your answer to it will provide a lot of guidance as to what sort of character you will want to be picking as your secondary, or if you should just plain switch your main, or if you should even have a secondary at all.

‘I might just use him as a secondary until I get good enough with Cammy to use her only.’

Just to round up a few bad match ups really.

And yet you’re going to use Akuma who is one of the strongest characters in SFIV and may be yet again in Super?:lol:

Looking at the tier list, Akuma is 3rd. Not 1st.

Best = 1st.

3rd = One of the best.

Wanna be different? Play fucking Gen.


I don’t recall him having a projectile.