Inb4 'Use who you want'

Short answer: Using another character isn’t going to help you improve with Cammy.

Long answer: There are two schools of thought on this one.

Some people claim that you should learn multiple characters so you can cover your bad match ups. Other people think it’s better to learn the bad match ups on one character. It’s up to you.

I personally don’t have the luxury of the first choice. Over here you enter tournaments as one character and that’s that.

If it makes you feel better, we really don’t know who the best is in super right now.

Okay, well I feel Zangief is the only Matchup bad enough to consider another character for 7-3.

Don’t know how the newcomers are treating her, but I imagine there’s a second 7-3 there.

Maybe I should just put extra effort into those MUs.

if you’re going to counterpick, you have to be able to handle getting counter-counterpicked with that character, too. (because they’ll get third match counterpick on you)

dunno if there’s really much of that against akuma though, so it’s probably fine

Boxer. Turtle all you want. Oh, and use who you want.

I 100% support any and all UK fan art of Dee Jay on trains.

Why are you so worried about zangief? he’s very nerfed on ssf4, dont have to worry about lariats that much now.
In my opinion, if you love cammy, and like het style, try to learn how to deal with all the bad match ups.
A good player most be ready for counter picks…

Oh and, if you’re looking for a turtle character, akuma it’s not the one, please define turtle next time. As said above, Guile, Dhalsim and Deejay are pretty good in that area.

Tier whore.

Wow, is Zangief really a bad matchup for Cammy in SFIV? Used to be the other way round in ST.

Has anybody said T.Hawk? There aren’t enough people saying T.Hawk. Please try T.Hawk. He’s got a surprisingly fast rushdown game, not a lot of variety but it gets the job done, plus he’s a giant. Though I say this after experiencing a friend of mine’s T.Hawk, he’s recently moved to him after spending all of his time with Gief in vanilla. This guy plays T.Hawk like you might expect someone to play Gief with maybe a little more aggression and it works surprisingly well.

Also you can do a whole lot against “bad matchups” with Cammy. As D-Proto said, you’ll benefit a whole lot simply from learning how to deal with Cammy’s bad matchups. Throw your BnB’s and normal strategies out the window with guys like Gief and T.Hawk definitely…Hakan and Dee Jay possibly, and I might go out on a limb and say Gouken. With them it’s all about mixups and baiting as opposed to rushing down. One bad whiff, one slipped Cannon Spike, one bad Spiral Arrow and you’re gonna get thrown back into the kitchen.

~Turtle? Guile excels in that playing field.

I’m not too sure about lumping Deejay into turtle category quite yet. He’s got quite a bit of decent offensive tools, including ways to hit confirm into sweep and ultra.


Man, he’s generated over 9000 lulz for me in Super Turbo.

I might not main him, but I know I’ll be using him alot. I love T.Hawk.

If you are going to ask for advice and input, don’t argue with everyone who tries to help you.


‘But yeah, if you ever want to get good at fighting games, don’t be this guy.’

This guy is the only guy I re-call ‘arguing’ with. He sounds like someone from Smashboards though. Low tiers need love too, I hate it when people hate on that. I got enough of that from maining Bowser in the SMASH BROS days.

I don’t like Cammy cause she’s low and I wanna be different, just for the record.

Anyway, I’ve read up on Cammy’s updates for SSFIV. Useful crossup and SBF have me satisfied that I can win any MU with practice and persistance.

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Wtf did you just said?
What this guys are trying to say is, that, If you like to use a top tier character and it fits your style, dont stop using him just because he’s top tier, thats a dumb reason. Find the character that fits you the most, doesnt matter if its Top or Low Tier.
I play GEN myself and he’s always pretty much low-mid tier, and i dont use him because i want to be that rare flower, or because i want to be special and showoff my friends, i use him because he fits my style.
If Sagat Fits my style i would use him no matter what tier he is.

People trying to help you, and seriously you’re evading all the constructive answers and beign an asshole to answers you’re not agreed with.
just chill out, and be moe thankfull, some thanks dont hurt anyone.

Sorry to be a dick, but there’s very few attitudes that actually, objectively hold people back from improving in SF more than refusing to play top tier characters for a petty sense of uniqueness.

If you REALLY want to play the game above the button-masher beat-your-terrible-friends-with-crossup-to-BnB-loop-play level, you need to be honest about what kind of player you really are, what level you’re at, and where your strengths and weaknesses really lie.

I went into SF4, for example, wanting to play Viper, full of silly fantasies about blazing across the screen, 10-second victories, and clutch Ultra juggles. About 30 minutes flailing around in training mode taught me I didn’t have the execution to play her, and further reflection on how I tended to lose versus how I tended to win versus how I tended to lose in games like CvS2 told me I didn’t really have the psychological/strategic mindset to play her. I was more of a slow-and-steady midrange/defensive/pokey kinda guy, and I had to get down with that.

So instead of throwing myself at a very high wall trying to play a cool character that wouldn’t really click with me and getting very sick of the game very fast, I gave “simpler” characters like Bison a shot and found that not only did I do better with them, but I actually liked them as characters a lot more than I thought I did. (I will concede, however, that it’s a lot easier for most people to like Bison than other characters. God, he’s awesome.)

Point being, it really was not all that soul-wrenching to do so. Granted, that was like, day one SF4, but when I switched back to Bison from Vega (still not sure WHY I switched to Vega in the first place), it was humbling at first, but I got over it within a couple days. If you can get over yourself for just a little while and consider the strategy and execution involved in playing a given character rather than where they fall in the tier lists, you may find a connection with a character that you never anticipated. I know for sure I never thought I’d play Bison, but in the end I’m pleased with the result.

And as for being a beautiful and unique snowflake because you picked somebody who’s not Ryu or Balrog or Sagat…speaking as a guy who’s been there (I used to be “that Vega guy”), you are beautiful and unique for about 5 minutes, tops, until you get double-swept and become yet another couple bucks lining the pockets of the top 3. All you prove by being “that Gen guy” or “that Fuerte guy” when you are really struggling to put anything together with those characters is not that “I want to distinguish myself as a player” but a childish “I want attention! Everyone praise me for picking somebody weird!”. The worthwhile people in these communities care who you are as a player and as a person – they could give two shits who you pick on the select screen. You want respect, show up to ranbats/casual gatherings, show up to tournaments, integrate yourself into the physical community around you. Nobody’s gonna hand you props just cause you picked somebody “different”.

The only way to distinguish yourself among good players is to prove that you want to win (or at least prove that you want to LEARN to win) by playing whatever character gives you the best chance of doing that, based on an honest (and somewhat brutal) appraisal of your own strengths and psychological tendencies. No, you don’t have to pick a top-tier character to achieve that, but it’s no less stupid and petty to say “I refuse to play x because they’re top tier” than it is to say “I refuse to play y because they’re bottom tier”. If you pick an “overplayed”/top-tier character and prove that you (a) are really trying to learn that character front to back, and (b) are not a totally repellent person, you will get respect from the people that matter.

Seriously don’t avoid characters because they are top tier, also while I dislike ryu because I find him boring I find Ken sorta interesting, and Sagat is actually kinda fun, and with with his new Scar time move or whatever he is kinda stylish now too. Just play who you have the most fun with and are the most inspired to learn with. Sure you can win with someone now, but how about down the line when you didn’t improve and everyone else did.

Also its also very nice to have more people in your area playing the same character, because then you get mirror match experience. Plus you can share strat’s tactics gimmicks. Not so much in SFIV as other games but even if your playing the same character you can still have your own playstyle.