Incognito from Marvel, by THE BRU!


Will give it a read when it comes out.


Same team of CCCCRRRMMMIIINNNAAALLL!!! i’m there


Sign me up.


got my copy reserved


Am I the only one who read this? Pretty good first issue, though I’ll collect the other 4 issues then read them all together in one session to fully enjoy it and understand it.
The Bru strikes again.


Lllloooovvvveeedddd it


Read it and it’s pretty nice.

Havent read Criminal yet, but I’ll probably put it on my to read list as well.



read it asap


Yeah, I’ve gotten this before. :rofl:

Thing is, there’s a lot of shit I have to read, comic and non-comic. I’ll get around to it soon though.


Yeah, this series was awesome. I really hope they do another. If you haven’t done so yet, read sleeper as well.


I fucking loved this series. Basically, it reads like any other Criminal yarn, except there are pulp and super-hero elements mixed in to create a very campy yet gritty genre. If I was writing my own comics right now, this is the kind of stories I’d want to write. I highly recommend it to any fan of Brubaker or just comics of the noir variety.