Incoming Character Mix ups

With the intense damage output that haggar has i find its easy to kill more than half the cast off of a hit confirm. Now the damage over all is team dependent but lets say you get the kill, and have the next character coming in. What are the mix ups you use to keep damage going?

Mid Screen:
Cross under with Violent axe L

**Corner: **
Cross up with standing H
Cross under with Violent axe H
Cross up Hoodlum launcher L

This could go in general.

Don’t forget about violent axe M.

H axe is risky.

You can use pipe to goad a block and force them to land. Step in with axe or hoodlum to force frame advantage and get some tick throw setups going.

Pipe can come out to goad a block and cancel it early to axe for cross under.
Maybe jam session sets up cross under?

My team is Haggar/Wesker/Dormammu. When their’s an incoming character I do Dorm’s Dark Hole assist just as they come out, and then do Hoodlum Launcher L. If they get hit by Dark Hole I do Hoodlum Launcher L and combo after! If i’m in the corner sometimes I do forward pipe :smiley:

Is it better to use L or M Violent Axe for mixups midscreen?

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on incoming? you’re doing it closer then mid screen I think.

if its last character or an air dash character coming in I do raw hoodlun H its amazing how many times it works or if I have sentinal I call him and then do it if it hits it is a full combo if I miss they might get hit by drones then I get a full combo or if they block drones I am safe

Air to air: j.LM headbutt (can repeat loop if you want) s.LM launch combo
Against people without airdashes/doublejumps: f.H xx QCF+L (crossup), f.H xx DP+M
Against people with airdashes and doublejumps: f.H xx QCF+H
Against characters likely to press a button, with 3 bars stocked: Lariat xx HCB+ATKATK

Anyone got any advise on how to time the Hoodlum Launcher.L cross up. I can’t get this to work at all. Any videos out there?


Crossup Hoodlum Launcher done at 5:02.

I can get it to work in lvl 3 xf like the video above, but I’ll be damned if I can do it normally.

With Haggar on point Chris Land Mine assist.

Set land mine. do violent axe. they block, they keep getting pressured or grabbed. they get hit. they die. they hit haggar, they land on mine and die.

What mixups are you guys doing midscreen, both with and without assists?

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mid screen I dash under and just press :L: or dash under and back and lariat.

So I wanted to restart discussion in this topic. I feel like Haggar’s incoming mixups are really amazing and he put the opponent in true 50/50 mixups from anywhere on screen. My incoming miuxps in this game aren’t very good, probably theweakest aspect of my game right now, so I want to pick fellow Haggar players’ brains and figure out what mixups you guys consider essential.<br><br>So, with Haggar, in the corner, I used to do two or three dashes and then a M Violent Axe which would be an ambigious crossup. The problem is sometimes it would whiff behind the opponent so they could punish you. L Violent Axe seems good too, but it can be hard to connect Haggar’s launcher after it. Maybe instead of S s.L xx L Hoodlum would work better?<br><br>I’ve also seen ambigious crossup L Hoodlum Launcher but the timing for this escapes me. I’ve done it before on accident though.<br><br>So what mixups are you guys doing midscreen and corner, and which version of Violent Axe are you using?<br>

I always do L after Violent L and it connects 95% of the time. As long as I didn’t hit at its highest point basically.<br>

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<div class=“QuoteText”>I always do L after Violent L and it connects 95% of the time. As long as I didn’t hit at its highest point basically.<br></div>

When are you going to play Marvel with me Steeler? :(<br>

i always go back and forth with using haggar but his incoming is really good. i play haggar/modok(bomb)/doom (missiles).

on incoming i call modok bomb and do that standard Axe L, there is a space in teh block string that forces the opponent to switch the direction they guard depending if they advancing guard the Axe L. if bomb hits I just confirm with pipe. If both are blocked then i’m fairly safe although I can’t immediately go into pressure if they have fast lows.